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Kazinga Channel Boat Cruise

Amazing Boat Cruise Along Kazinga Channel

Amazing Boat Cruise Along Kazinga Channel

Kazinga Channel Boat Cruise

Kazinga channel is a narrow water way in Uganda’s Savannah Park, Queen Elizabeth national park that covers a distance of 40 kilometers with a bubbling water point connecting Lake George in the East and Lake Edward in the west; this channel is among the recognized unique attractions within Queen Elizabeth national park in western Uganda. The channel avails endless opportunities to have marvelous views of the most important flora and fauna and the physical setup of the magnificent Queen Elizabeth National Park.

The banks of Kazinga channel are a home to largest number of hippos and crocodiles in the whole world; while at the peninsular of Mweya safari lodge it enables you a chance to see a variety of beautiful and playful birds such as flamingos, marabou stocks, kingfisher and herds of elephants enjoying the water of Kazinga channel, with a nice looking elephants and crocodiles among others.

On the boat you will see countless hippos, crocodiles, flocks and herds of elephant, buffalos enjoying the scorching sunshine of the day, and the boat used while cruising enables and gives you a clear and spectacular view of wonderful wildlife and various mesmerizing attractions that you won’t miss spotting. A boat trip down the channel gives one a best way to get an everlasting and fantastic memorable experience. The waves as you steer closer to the boat at the shore, and the numerous colorful wooden canoes used by the fishermen enhance your experience to spot various sizes and types of fish. Kazinga channel offers you a brilliant opportunity to actually move closer towards the game on the edge of the river banks without fear of safety, more so wonderful game views with amazing sighting of beautiful wildlife and amazing scenery of the great Queen Elizabeth national park in the corner. At a distance you will view a well decorated magical Virunga mountain in DRC Congo. Ironically it’s the most populated channel with a number of uncountable hippos and Nile crocodiles and a glare of elephant and buffalos.

Queen Elizabeth national park is still one of the most popular and premier parks in Uganda and East Africa, due to its rich diversity ranging from the culture of the neighboring communities, the scenic crater lakes and panoramic hanging valleys, the nature walks in Maramagambo, the gorgeous savannah landscape and varied species of wild game.

Wild game in Queen Elizabeth national park; with an astonishing 5000 hippos, 2500 elephants and over 10,000 buffaloes flourishing in its grasslands and shorelines, Queen guarantees sightings of some of Africa’s most famous species. Listening to the echoes of elephants’ calls across Queen’s valleys filled with craters is truly amazing experience, and the morning melodies of birds, just outside your hotel room is quite spectacular.

Other common animals include warthogs, waterbuck, Uganda Kob and Topi, as well as the Sitatunga antelope.

Birding tours in Queen Elizabeth national park;

Queen’s great variety of habitats means it shelters over 600 species. This is the greatest of any east African national park, and a magical number for such a small area. The National park’s confluence of savanna and forest, linking to the expansive forests of the D.R.C gives visitors an opportunity to have a glance at the east as well as central African species within the same sphere.

The park is also famous for numerous water birds, woodland and forest dwellers within the Maramagambo forest, 54 raptors and various migratory species. Key bird species in the park include the martial eagle, black-rumped buttonquail, African skimmer, Chapin’s flycatcher, pink backed pelican, African broadbill, Verreaux’s eagle owl, black bee-eater, white-tailed lark, white-winged warbler, papyrus Gonolek, papyrus canary, corncrake, lesser and greater flamingo.

Scenic views in the most panoramic sites of Queen Elizabeth national park;

Kyambura Gorge

Kyambura gorge sometimes referred to as the valley of Apes is positioned on the eastern side of the Queen Elizabeth National Park with good number of Chimpanzees that have been habituated for chimp trekking experience. Kyambura gorge has mature tropical forest that is thriving below sea level and considering its 1km width and 100m depth with Kyambura River traversing its floor, Kyambura gorge is an impressive attraction that can be encountered while on Uganda safaris & tours.

The Katwe Crater fields

Several extinct volcanoes of a specific type called the ‘explosion craters’ are found within western Uganda. These Explosion craters are called so because during the long ago days these eruptions were extremely violent and instead of piling debris just about their vents similar to a number of other volcanoes, they discharged ash in addition to rock over a far as well as wide area. In the present day, they are majorly extinct craters although a few still release sulphurous smells.

Katwe explosion craters are situated just north of the impressive Mweya Peninsula and actually are the highest elevation in this national park. Enjoy the spectacular Crater Drive that runs on 27 km which present distant sights of the stunning crater lakes during a thrilling morning game drive.