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When it comes to African safari experiences in Uganda, game drives/game viewing is that one exciting and experiential wildlife safari experience that always features in most visitors’ safari highlights. Embarking on a game drive in any of the pristine wilderness areas in Uganda gets you the best of African safari experiences. It takes you through its magical savanna grassland for you to catch a glimpse at varied wildlife species including the big game as well as several savanna grassland dwellers. In Uganda, game drives are ideal in the following parks;

Murchison Falls National Park

For off the beaten wildlife experiences, Murchison Falls National Park is the best place to be. This park boasts not only as Uganda’s largest park but as a premier destination with diverse wildlife species including about 70 mammals, 451 bird species and many others. A trip to this park takes you wildlife exploration that rewards you with amazing encounters over wildlife species such as lions, buffaloes, giraffes, hyenas, leopards, lions, African bush elephants, Jackson hartebeests, Uganda Kobs, birds a mention but a few. Due to its strategic location to northwestern Uganda, en-route, you can make a stopover at Ziwa rhino sanctuary for you to track rhinos and this allows you to make a complete list of big five game in Uganda. Game drives in Murchison Falls National Park are conducted along the northern banks which features a huge concentration of savanna grassland wildlife species while its southern bank has fewer antelopes. This park spans for about 3840 square kilometers making it Uganda’s most expansive park. The main tracks that can reward you with excellent views over distinct wildlife species while Uganda safari in Murchison Falls National park include Albert, Buligi and Victoria. Buligi is approximately 7 kilometers north of Paraa and it features as the most explored wildlife trail. There is also Nyamsika Gorge that comes with huge concentration of aquatic life. Game drives in this park are usually conducted twice a day-in the morning and in the afternoon and they last for about 2 to 3 hours. To get the best of this wildlife experience, you need a good 4 WD safari vehicle.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

This is set in western Uganda and features as Uganda’s second largest park with an area coverage of 1978 square kilometers. Equally, this wilderness area is also popular for its huge concentration of wildlife species, most of which can be spotted while on a game drive via Kasenyi track, north of Queen Elizabeth National Park. While on a game drive along this trail, expect to see wildlife species like buffaloes, Uganda Kobs, elephants, warthogs, leopards, hogs, lions and tree climbing lions in Ishasha sector. Besides, you can also engage in other exciting safari activities including chimpanzee tracking in Kyambura Gorge, cultural encounters, boat/launch cruise, hot air balloon tour, bird watching a mention but a few.

Kidepo Valley National Park

This is set in the extreme northeastern part of Uganda and it is remarkably a true wilderness paradise. Kidepo Valley National Park is perfect for game drives which gets you the best views over wildlife species such as zebras, elephants, leopards, lions, giraffes, buffaloes and many others.

Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo National Park is Uganda’s most accessible park. It takes you about 4 to 5 hours to drive from Kampala to this park for you to take part in different thrilling safari activities. On a game drive, the notable wildlife species to spot out include Burchell’s zebras, elands, buffaloes, leopards, lion, birds and many more.

Equally, you can embark on game drives while on Uganda safari in Semuliki Valley National Park or Toro Semliki Wildlife Reserve.