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Busingiro Eco Tourism Site is situated on Buliisa road, 43 kilometers west of Masindi. It is 2 kilometer drive to Nyabyere Forest College approximately 10 kilometers to Masindi. This site is accessible by road and takes about one hour drive either on private car or public means of transport. The buses taking trips from Masindi to Butyaba/Wansoke where you will get out at the camp, however, a four by four safari car is worth hiring from a trusted local tour operator for your safari.

This tourist site lies within Budongo forest which features the largest number of Mahogany in the entire East Africa as well as other tree species also thriving up to 80 meters. The forest is famous for over 600 to 800 individuals of chimpanzees which are thriving in different communities. About 6 communities have been habituated for visitor experiences. It also refuges several birdlife including chocolate backed kingfisher as well as lemon bellied Crombec. While at Busingiro eco tourism site features Congo’s Blue Mountains as well as the rift valley escarpment. There is also a locally established structure with open parts for travelers to chill around as they take their sodas, snacks and locally prepared meals. You will also have a chance to buy local crafts, t-shirts, videos and bird guidebooks.

Busingiro Eco Tourism Site also runs an environmental education course for most of the local schools. Children do visit the site to explore and discover its significance to the area. The exhibits are available and they are interpreted before visitors.

Busingiro Eco Tourism Site also comes with two amazing fashioned African bandas that provides comfort and privacy to its guests, a double and three single beds can accommodate five people. Each of these bandas is located in the stunning forest clearing providing a chilling environment for you to reward the mind while in the forest walk. Their campsite space that can accommodate about 20 visitors and there is also a cooking place at the camp as well as a campfire and basics for self catering guests. The open wash room comes with showers with hot and cold water, two pit latrines that serve the campsite and bandas.

The site also offers the perfect place for chimpanzee trekking as well as birding where you have a chance to spot bird species like Cassin’s hamk eagle, Nahan’s Francolin, white thighed horn bill, yellow billed barbet, forest fly catcher, yellow footed fly catcher, Jameson’s wattle eye, African dwarf, blue breasted, chocolate backed kingfishers, lemon billed Crombec, black capped apalis and many more. There are also several monkey as well as giant forest squirrels and bizarre chequered elephant shrew.

School group activities around Busingiro

This site is also an incredible destination for school groups. There is education center and camp site for campers.  You may also engage in forest or nature walks. There is a loop system that takes travelers from the visitor center that provides a fantastic forest walks. The guides will interpret the features of the forest that include elephant pit traps, salt licks, elephant’s wallows and historic grinding stoners. The secrets of the forests will be unveiled while forest walk. You will also have a chance to explore a tree which gets elephants drunk and be thrilled at the huge indestructible ironwood trees dominating the forest canopy.

In conclusion, Busingiro Eco Tourism site is one of the significant sites that you should consider visiting while you are on safari to Murchison Falls National Park or Budongo Forest Reserve. There is a lot more for you to catch a glimpse in this site for you to enjoy while Uganda safari.