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While majority of tourists opt for the usual game drives, you can go an extra mile and have something a little bit unique while on your safari in Uganda. Did you know that you can view the big game while on hot air balloon in Uganda? If you have ever thought of this before then it is high time you realized your dreams. Experience Africa’s breathtaking wilderness paradises in Uganda in a new and rare style. Uganda hot air balloon tours aren’t that very common wilderness experience but have been introduced of recent by Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA). Uganda features a number of unbeatable wilderness paradises but for this particular experience, you can be part of this only in Queen Elizabeth National Park and Murchison Falls National Park.

Hot air ballooning in the two (2) destinations are run by the Dream Balloon-a registered and certified company by the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority, National Environment Management Authority (NEMA), UWA as well as Uganda Communications Commissions before they began operating in these protected areas. Dream Balloon was certified to start its operations in Uganda in 2011. Besides, the pilots also undergo Ugandan and Egyptian Aviation Authorities for them to be certified prior being allowed to run the balloons. What is amazing with the air balloons is that the size alone does not matter the fact that the more it is filled up with air, the more weight it carries.

Normally, only eight (8) visitors are allowed to take a flight in a balloon and very young children about six years are not allowed the fact that this activity takes visitors up to about 1000 feet above sea level which may not be friendly for young children. For those of you who may prefer visiting Murchison Falls National Park for this amazing experience, then you have a lot to enjoy. This park is Uganda’s largest national park and comes with a lot more for you encounter. At this park, you will be at the launch site around Paraa lodge that is a remarkable site for wildlife species in this park. You will be in position to catch a glimpse at numerous wildlife species and have about a minute preparations while pumping air into a balloon prior taking off for your morning sunrise flight, you will be briefed on safety precautions, rules and regulations and you have to be prepared for this exciting and incredible experience.


While in the air, you will be amazed by the breathtaking views of the expansive savanna below which comes with numerous wildlife species and the treetops. After, you will be handed certificates which show that you participated in this activity then you accomplish it with a tasty bush breakfast and perhaps a bottle of champagne. You may also embark on morning game drive before you return to the lodge for relaxation and lunch. Besides, there are also sunset balloon flights which begin at 4:00pm but of course, this is not accompanied by special offers such as bush meals after the ride. If you are planning for your honeymoon or you are interested in adrenaline adventures then hot air balloon safari is a lifetime experience. It rewards travel endeavors with breathtaking sceneries that will leave lasting memories in you.

Murchison Falls National Park lies in the northwestern side of Uganda and boasts of its rare wildlife species including African lions, elephants, buffaloes, leopards, more than 450 bird species, antelope families, hippos, crocodiles as well as rewards visitors with breathtaking views at Lake Albert and the Victoria Nile.

On the other hand, Queen Elizabeth National Park straddles in western Uganda and also ideal for hot air balloon tours in Uganda. This park features as Uganda’s second most extensive protected area and features a number of wildlife species and comes with breathtaking sceneries. While on hot air balloon tour in Uganda, you get a chance to catch a glimpse at wildlife species such as antelopes, elephants, lions, hippos and many more. Besides, get amazed by splendid sceneries around the rift valley floor, escarpments, gorges at Kyambura, Crater Lakes, rift valley lakes and snow caped Rwenzori Mountain ranges that make your experience in this park the rarest. In Queen Elizabeth National Park, this experience always kick starts from Kasenyi gate where you will start your sport. You will be served a cup of tea or coffee meanwhile the crew will be assembling the balloon and after this, you will be briefed on this adventure and then you take a flight.