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With backpacking, you have a great opportunity to discover Uganda’s hidden treasures in depth while on African safari. Incredibly, it is an adventure which blends hiking with backcountry camping thus widening your experience on what this magical destination holds. It gets you off the car and allows you to explore its diverse tourist attractions and a chance for you to get close to nature. To have an exceptional backpacking experience, there are a number of factors you need to put together. They include;

For starters, when you think of backpacking tour, you need to think of which destination to visit. You therefore need to find that one backpacking destination that is suits your physical fitness level. While choosing a destination for backpacking experience, you need to consult with experienced backpackers. There are backpackers that have been to these picturesque sites before and they have experience to share and most importantly, they can advise and guide you appropriately. Equally, there are also hiking guidebooks for you to identify which area is perfect for this experience. Make sure that you choose a destination adjacent to your area of stay-in case you wish to spend more time on footwork than driving; you need that destination close to your place of stay to allow you get to it easily before it gets dark. The notable places to get you the best of backpacking experience include Murchison Falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Jinja, Ziwa rhino sanctuary, Kibale National Park and many more. Ensure that the trail and camp that you choose to hike through is well established; availability of water in the destination is also very key when it comes to backpacking tour, know when it is best to visit that destination for backpacking, its altitude and many others. Depending on your budget, there are several backpackers’ hostels and low budget accommodation options for your overnight stay while on Uganda backpacking tour.

Besides choosing a destination, you have also to be mindful of which clothing or backpacking gear is ideal for your backpacking tour. Like other adventures, how you pack does matter a lot and so it is a case with backpacking experience. For this case, you need to consider essential items first including among others waterproof sleeping bag, pad, tent, hiking boots, backpack, water treatment, kitchen supplies and many more. When making a choice on which clothes to come with, make you sure that you purchase exactly those that suit within your adventure. To be on a safer side, make sure that you go through your fitness wear and get the clothing made of moisture wicking, quick drying fabrics for instance polyester and nylon. Most importantly, you need waterproof jacket, puffy vest/light fleece pullover, hat, gloves, sun hat, t-shirt, nylon pants a mention but a few.

When planning for backpacking tour, food is very key to put on your plan list. If it is an overnight backpacking tour, then you need to plan for dinner, breakfast and lunch. For this case, you freeze dried backpacking food. Canned food may not be that good enough for this kind of adventure.

Preparation for your Uganda backpacking trip is very essential and for this case, you need to ensure that you are physically prepared. While this is not marathon that you need to do extra exercise, equally it demands some physical wellness in you as it takes you through day hikes along the trails and elevation.  And this means that you need to do some exercise to help make a complete hike. Make sure that you have also packed early enough and avoid doing things at the last minute.