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Whether you’re planning a family camping trip or an unforgettable weekend getaway, you’ll find what you’re after in Uganda’s national parks. Lodging in Uganda parks or in nearby towns is the most common option for travelers visiting Uganda’s parks, game reserves or forest reserves. If camping is not your style and yet you are on a budget, consider staying in safari lodges or towns outside/nearby the national park.

Naturally the further you stay from the park, the less expensive the hotels will be but convenience will also play a role in deciding where to stay. Take into account how much mileage you will be driving to and from the park as well as through the park. Add this up to determine where the best place is to stay for your budget.

Lodging Nearby to National Parks

Planning a safari to any of the Uganda Parks is exciting and the trip itself is one of the most memorable adventures you can take while in Africa. One big thing you can do to avoid issues during your road trip would be to make your reservations for hotels in advance. Towns nearby to the parks usually fill up fast, so you don’t want to be stuck driving around looking for an available hotel or lodge. Another thing to keep in mind is that there are usually a limited number of towns near the parks. If you haven’t reserved your hotel or lodge in advance, you might find yourself driving to the next town which could easily be many miles away. Don’t do this to yourself, plan in advance, make your reservations early and enjoy your road trip to the National Parks stress free!

National Parks Lodging Reservations

Check availability for lodging in or near national parks, make reservations online and receive instant confirmations.

  • Safari Lodges in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest
  • Safari Lodges in Mgahinga National Parks

Important Point About Camping or Lodging

No matter where you plan to stay if it is in a hotel/lodge or a campsite, you should always plan your trip in advance and book as early as possible. Lodges and campsites inside the parks book up very quickly while hotels outside the parks you have a little more time with in regards to planning. Busy parks such as Yellowstone, you should consider making your reservations several months in advance.

Keep a watch out for early bird specials! Often the parks and towns nearby will offer specials if you visit early in the year. This is great because it is a less populated time of the year and you can save a few extra pennies.

If you do not book your hotels in advance and decide to say, “wing-it”, do some drive-by’s of hotels and inquire to them about room availability. If you find that multiple hotels have room availability, you have a chance of getting a discount. Compare the prices, visit some rooms and request at least 10% off.

If You Will Arrive Late

If you know you will be arriving late to a hotel, call in advance and let them know. This can help avoid any confusion and ensure that they don’t give your room away! This is extrememly important if you will be entering areas where choices are slim and the next down is a distance away.