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In Uganda today, forests and woodlands cover a total of 4.9 million hectares, about 24% of the
total land area. These include Tropical high forests (THF) that cover 924,208 ha, forest plantations covering 35,066 ha and woodlands covering 3,974,102 ha. Of the 4.9 million hectares, 30% are in protected areas (Forest Reserves, National Parks and Wildlife Reserves) and 70% are found on private land.

There are several Forest Reserves that have been developed for tourism and in particular ecotourism. These forests can be visited and you can engage in several adventure activities while adventuring through these forests. These include

  • Mabira Forest – the largest forest in Central Uganda
  • Mpanga Forest – adventure, nature and culture
  • Busingiro Forest –
  • Budongo Forest – Renowned for chimpanzees – best place for chimpanzee tracking
  • Kaniyo Pabidi Forest – Home to chimpanzees – You can go chimpanzee tracking in this forest.