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Uganda is one of the most beautiful countries in Africa. Located just astride the Equator, Uganda is such a wonderful destination offering the ultimate safari experience that adventure tourists seek out on African safaris.

Quick Facts About Uganda

Capital: (and largest city) Kampala
Official language(s): English
Government: Democratic Republic
President: Yoweri Museveni
Area: Total 236,040 km²
Water (%): 15.39
Population: 2009 estimate 32,369,558

Currency: Ugandan shilling (UGX)
Time zone: EAT (UTC+3)
Drives on: the left
Internet TLD: .ug
Calling code: +2561 (006 from Kenya and Tanzania)

Travel Information About Uganda

Famously known as the pearl of Africa, Uganda is remarkably one of a few most stunning African countries that are worth exploring. It is truly a pearl of Africa for many reasons and most importantly, the fact that it is a host all that Africa has to offer. Incredibly, a visit to this magical landlocked country gets you not only the best of its breathtaking sceneries but also allows you to explore its natural wonders, diverse wildlife, ideal climate and interact with the most humble, warm welcoming and friendliest people and many more.

Uganda spans up to 236041 square kilometers and it is surrounded by several states. To the west, there is the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), South Sudan in the north, in the east–Kenya and in the south you find Tanzania and Rwanda. It gained her independence on 9th October 1962 from Britain with its flag comprising of 6 horizontal bands of black, yellow and red.

Unlike other African states, Uganda is situated suitably a stride equator thus experiencing mainly tropical kind of climate with less fluctuation in its temperatures. Given its ideal climatic condition, this landlocked country is best known as an all year round safari destination. That said, in 2012 alone, Uganda featured as the best tourist destination in the Lonely Planet and in 2016, it was ranked among the top 16 holiday destinations by CNN then featured among the 19 top destinations to visit in 2019.

Currently, over 44316,309 people are widely distributed in Uganda with 87 percent of them mainly based in the rural areas. It largely composed of youngest population with nearly half its population made of children. The largest population depend more on agriculture. The official language here is English however, Uganda is diverse country with over 40 dialects of which Luganda is equally widely spoken, Kiswahili, Ateso, Runyakole and others. It is endowed ethnically and culturally with majority of them composing of the Bantu speaking people-the Baganda in central, Bakiga in the southwestern, Batooro, Banyankole, Basoga as well as Lango, Acholi, Karamojong.  In terms of religion, Uganda’s population is comprised of Christians followed by the protestants, Roman Catholics, Muslim, Pentecostal, seventh day and others.


When it comes safety, Uganda is one of the safest safari destinations in Africa. However, it is not a hundred percent safe just like other countries. Most importantly, low crime rates are always registered and its capital city-Kampala equally is one of the safest cities you can visit in East Africa. But note that safety always starts with you the traveler and avoid travel when it dark!


For starters, Uganda a cash based economy and Uganda shilling is what is used in most transactions. Other currencies are also welcome especially US dollars as the tourism sector is dependent more on a US dollar. As well, pounds and other currencies are welcome and to ease spending in the local market, there are many forex bureaus for you to exchange any foreign currency into Uganda shilling. In case you have an international card, you can be in position to use especially in up-market hotels while Visas can be used at some ATMs within urban areas.

How to get to Uganda

To get to Uganda, there are many airlines that offer flight services to Uganda’s Entebbe International Airport and they include KLM, Qatar airways, Brussels, Egypt Air, Kenya airways, South African airways, Ethiopian airlines, RwandAir, Etihad airways, Emirates airlines a mention but a few. By road, the border areas include Busia and Malaba in the east that is accessible by visitors from Kenya and others include Katuna.

Landscape of Uganda

Uganda is one of the countries that experienced the uplift impact with several parts especially the southwestern side mainly mountainous. It is around this region that you can find the Rwenzori Mountain range and this features among one of the highest mountains in the continent. Others include the Virunga volcanoes, Mount Elgon, Bufumbira and others. Uganda is generally a greener country with most parts of it comprising of water composing of Lakes, Rivers and swamps. It is also part of the shared Lake Victoria and the source of the mighty Nile, Lake Kyoga, Lake Edward, Lake George, Albert and others.