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Mgahinga Gorilla National park is another amazing destination where travelers can enjoy primate safaris. This renowned gorilla tracking destination also hosts the rare golden monkeys, an old world species of monkeys that is unique in Africa. The golden monkeys are rare and are only found in the Virunga Region of Central Africa. These primates are restricted to the highland bamboo forests of Mgahinga National Park, Volcanoes National Park of Rwanda, Kahuzi Biega National Park and the Virunga National Park of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Mgahinga National Park is one of the few places where you can experience golden monkey tracking in Africa.

It’s amazing to encounter golden monkeys in the highlands of Mgahinga National park and it will help you kill two birds using one stone. Climbing uplands while searching for golden monkeys is a great experience that enables you see and learn more about the golden monkeys. The diet of the golden monkeys determines the ease to see these ancient monkeys. They are known to prefer a habitat with abundant fruit and bamboo. Their main diet are bamboo offshoots and they are known to move in between the highland areas depending on the season. During the season where ripe fruit is available they remain in those areas. With the beginning of the rainy season, bamboo is shooting and the golden monkeys move to such habitats.

Golden Monkey is the second sought for primates after gorillas. You can combine the two experiences of gorilla trekking and golden monkeys tracking on a single safari to explore the treasure of Mgahinga National park.

Golden monkeys are capable of climbing up to branches of the trees so, come with powerful lenses which can capture photos of the Golden Monkeys while up on the trees.

Would you like to participate in the activity?

Golden monkey trekking starts at 8am after briefing at 7:30am… it’s believed that trekkers are guided by rangers  to ensure informative and  memorable activity and there is no limited number allowed meeting Golden Monkey trekking.

Price of Golden Monkey Tracking

Alongside the popular mountain gorillas, Mgahinga national park also host Golden monkeys which are officially trekked on daily basis at the cost of US$ 50 per person. If you visit Mgahinga National park for only Golden Monkeys, you must pay park entry fees of US$ 40 per person to make US$ 90 in total. On the other hand, if you visit the park for Gorillas and any other activity, no park entry fees paid.

Rules and regulations governing Golden Monkey trekking in Uganda:

  • Do not litter in the park.
  • Avoid noise when with Golden Monkey groups.
  • Request the rangers to dig for you a hole in case you want to defecate and ensure that you burry everything after ease.
  • Avoid close range with Golden monkeys
  • Follow rangers’ instructions when trekking Golden monkeys. They are wild animals and can charge to cause harm if badly handled.