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Kaniyo Pabidi Eco Tourism Site is situated on Budongo forest, the largest Mahogany forest in East Africa. Trees grow up to 80 meters. The forest is famous for its chimpanzees (600-800), which form a number of groups. 6 groups have been habituated; hence visitors have the chance of visiting them at close quarters. The forest also hosts much other rare specie of birds, including the Lemon Bellied Crombec, and Chocolate-backed Kingfisher. Kaniyo can be assessed as you visit Murchison falls National Park. From here you will also be able to view the blue mountains of Congo and the Rift Valley Escarpment.

The Ecotourism site has various facilities, including an open sided Banda, which provides a visitor reception area and place for visitors to relax and enjoy sodas and snacks. The site has two-styled African Banda providing comfortable and private accommodation for visitors and made by local craftsmen using grass from the shores of Lake Albert. One double and two single beds can cater for a total of 4 visitors. Each Banda is set in a beautiful forest glade providing a relaxing setting for resting after a forest walk.

The campsite with space for 18-20 people is situated near to the visitor reception. A camp shelter, campfire area and picnic site services the campsite. Water and fuel wood are available on site.

An open-air washroom provides cold showers and along with two pit latrines services the campsite and Banda’s.

The campsite cook can prepare food. Visitors are advised to buy provisions in advance in Masindi and arrange with the guides if catering services are required.

Trail Network

The trails at Kaniyo Pabidi operate on an extensive 115 km grid system and require a guide to accompany visitors. A specially tailored program will be devised to suit each individual visitors needs. The site is located in an isolated block of Budongo Forest, which has never been logged. It has many big-buttressed mahogany and ironwood trees and due to its remote location, lion, leopard and buffalo are occasionally present. From Pabidi Hill visitors will get magnificent views over Murchison Falls National Park, Lake Albert and beyond to Congo. The River Waiga runs through the site and forest glades contain salt licks where forest creatures are common in the early morning.

For bird watches a 600m nature trail has been developed at the forest edge allowing better views into the canopy.

Chimpanzee Tracking

Chimpanzee habituation began in 1992 and chimps are often seen. In May, June, July and August visitors have over a 90% chance of seeing the chimps. In February, March, April and September this drops to 70%, and in October, November, December and January, when food is scarcer, chances drop to 50%.

Note. Visitors to Kaniyo Pabidi will have to pay entry fees to Murchison Falls National Park. Visitors should check with the Tourist Board or Park Authorities for up to date information on charges.

Getting There

A visit to Kaniyo Pabidi can easily be combined with a visit to Murchison Falls National Park. The site is very accessible to visitors with their own transport. It is 29km north of Masindi. Simply follow the signposts to Paraa. The site is sign posted off to the right on the main road through the park to Paraa.

No public transport is available to Kaniyo Pabidi. It is possible to arrange a private hire to Masindi from MATODA at a cost of around $ 36 for a day return (fax +256 465 20411).
Booking is not necessary but for further information contact EA-ECOCONSULT for arrangements and further information.