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Many of us know about the Budongo, Mpanga, Mabira or Kalinzu Forest Reserves but little is said or known about the Busitema Forest reserve making it one of the less explored destinations during safaris in Uganda yet it is a real paradise waiting to be discovered. Visiting this Forest Reserve means being completely amazed by the beauty that nature provides. This forest is situated in Eastern Uganda along the Tororo-Busia road that heads towards Tororo district and stretches for approximately 25 square kilometers.

Busitema Forest Reserve is shared by three wonderful districts that include Busia, Tororo and Bugiri districts. Making it easier for tourists from any of the mentioned districts to access it in case of a primate safari. Most interestingly, the Forest Reserve is a haven to one of the largest numbers of daring olive baboons that are often sighted playing and eating along the highway. It is estimated that Busitema Forest receives about 300 visitors every year because most tourists have no idea about its existence hence the neglect.

Besides the beauty of the forest, your trip will be memorable due to the well trained local guides who are in most cases hired to accompany and guide the tourists who visit the destination while on a safari in Uganda. These local guides are well informed of all the attractions of the forest because they are natives of the area and have also guided tourists for a long time.

Tourist attractions within the Forest

Busitema Forest is a haven to several wildlife species that include the Fox’s weaver, several primate species such as the olive baboons that are the stars of the show, vervet monkeys and black and white Colobus monkeys, a number of rat species. The well informed tour guides provide hand-on information on the attractions in the forest.

There are a number of bird species within Busitema Forest that makes it a birder’s small paradise. Some of them include the Ross Turaco, the Kingfishers, Long-tailed cuckoos, Hammerkops and the sunbirds among others.

With a visit to Busitema Forest, tourists can get the chance to also visit other tourist sites such as the Tororo Rock that offers fantastic hiking opportunities, the spectacular Mount Elgon with numerous tourist attractions and activities, the magnificent Sipi falls and to experience the Imbalu tradition-public circumcision ceremony to initiate boys into manhood. All these attractions are found in the Eastern side of Uganda and can be explored during safaris in Uganda.

Busitema Forest Reserve is one of the best destinations to visit if you desire to see large numbers of Olive baboons in a less thronged place hence offering an authentic wildlife viewing experience. What makes wildlife viewing in this Forest unforgettable is because you get the chance to have the local guide attend to only your group on that day.

The interesting tourist activities to enjoy within Busitema forest include nature walks into the jungles to explore some of the primate and tree species, bird watching and wildlife viewing among others.

In conclusion, Busitema Forest Reserve is an important tourist destination within eastern Uganda and is known for several primate species such as the Olive baboons and vervet monkeys as well as numerous bird species such as the Ross’ Turaco and sunbirds among others.