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Uganda is truly one of the best rewarding destinations for family safaris in Africa and the country offers great amazing experience in every tour aspect either short or long any time of the year. Other travel destinations have strict rules for travelling with children unlike the Pearl of Africa. For decades parents travel with children, young and old especially those below the age of 18. Uganda dedicates most of its land for wildlife and nature conservation hence promoting tourism in the country across all regions. Uganda has the largest concentration of mountain gorillas, wildlife, birds, chimpanzees, lakes, impressive views and much more making your family holiday simply the best.

Travel with Kids in Uganda

No restrictions and rules for travelers with kids to Uganda. All attractions and national parks are child friendly with many child activities that keep children engaged as parents take on magical adventures that are limited to particular age limits. Don’t postpone your holiday because you have kids! Though there are age restrictions on some activities such as gorilla trekking in Bwindi or Mgahinga and chimpanzee where children below 15 years are not allowed to engage in, there are special activities designed for your child! The restrictions are for the safety of your children given that they may be scared by the apes. Therefore when the parents go for gorilla trekking, the children go for nature walks in the forest something that will make them happy as well. Just be sure to do your research to get on the right holiday where you will spot your favorite wildlife, primates, water adventures etc. Did you know that discounts are given to families that travel together and in some cases the children bellow 2 years of age travel for free. Don’t miss out the Batwa people known for ancient lifestyle that entertain the little ones to the fullest.

Holiday Expectations

Are you looking for the best choice family destination?, family safaris in Uganda  offer lots of fan & excitement including spotting the Big five, coming in eye contact with the biggest primate species-mountain gorillas ,enjoy wildlife viewing on boat  an activity that takes you to a home of hippos and crocodiles that is guarded by several bird species. Relaxation at the beach and lake side ambience is the order of the day since Uganda is a land of lakes with many lakes and Rivers. Make sure you have seven-nine days in order to explore the best Uganda holiday highlight destinations with a day at one of the leisure islands of Bunyonyi or Ssese.

Best Uganda National Parks

Trust me in every destination, there is always the best and same in Uganda. Best attractions in Uganda for family holidays include, Bwindi Forest, Mgahinga, Murchison falls, Kibale forest, Queen Elizabeth, Kidepo Valley, Lake Mburo national park that shouldn’t miss on your safari trip in Uganda. If time and money limits you up, make it a point to explore at least three to four National parks of your best interest. Uganda has always been a rewarding destination and perfect for Africa family holidays and no trip to Uganda can disappoint if well planned and organized. Enjoy a day in company of wildlife, stunning natural wonders, permanent water presence, impressive culture and much more and you spend special days  filled up with smiles, laughter and love under the sun.