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Guidelines For Driving In Uganda’s National Parks

Guidelines For Driving In Uganda’s National Parks

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Uganda is gifted with over 10 national parks and a number of game reserves all having unique attractions. A self drive safari through these entire Uganda parks is very possible while viewing to various species of wildlife apart from Mgahinga, Kibale and Bwindi impenetrable national. Other parks have well clear game tracks, entrance and exit points which will absolutely make your road trip a safe and exciting adventure. For successful self drive trip in a park, the following must observed strictly.

Drive Slow

No one is chasing you when on a self-drive in a park, so it’s very important to drive slowly, slow drive is very important even before arriving in the park as this will keep your life, animals and the car safe. All Ugandan parks require you to drive at a speed of 40km per hour to avoid collisions with the animals or car flips. And also if you drive slowly you will be having a better chance of seeing more species of wildlife which you could have missed when over speeding.

Travel Early

Since most of the games are early risers, sometimes it requires you to wake up so early so that you can have a bigger chance of watching them, other wildlife going to hide after a night’s hunt. So here you will catch up with very many species than someone who begins a game drive late. Most of Uganda national parks are open at 7am. If your accommodation is with in the park no problem get ready by 6am to spot plenty of wildlife and you may also be fortunate to see the sunrise from the beautiful park landscapes.

Get a Safari Guide

Being on a self-drive might be cheaper and private option, however it may turn expensive if you get lost on the track. If you’re not well conversant with the tracks it’s very better to hire a guide who is well knowledgeable about all routes to take doing it alone will end you in problems of exploring the park. You may not need anyone to drive you to the park but it’s always advisable to hire a guide once you reach the park. You may hire one at the park headquarters, these guides are well experienced and trained and they are good at giving informative information on any forest flora and fauna you meet on the way. You can hire a tour guide in Uganda at US$ 30 per day which is a fair price.

Avoid Night game drives

This is also another safety measure while driving in the park, although driving at night seems like a exciting adventure but very dangerous. You may end up getting lost in the park or colliding with an animal, its better you concentrate driving during day, many parks don’t accept night game drives except kidepo and Semliki Valley national park but only under restriction of a well -trained guide.

Keep on the trail

While in the park, keep on the available game track when driving to avoid accidents and colliding with other vehicles. All tracks can lead you to nice view of wildlife and no need of getting off the road and enter the virgin terrains. It’s one of the regulations at the park, so you should take it very serious.

Avoid walking in the park

Ounce in the park, you are not allowed to walk around, as this may put your life in danger, remember animals like leopard, lion, hyena among many others run faster than you, so don’t entice them, and keep yourself in a car throughout a game drive.

Don’t litter the park

In order to preserve the park and the animals living in it, whatever you go with in the park you must bring it back. Used items like bottles, paper bags and polyenes bags among many others as this may put the life of animals in danger; you must leave them at the lodge or throw them outside the park.

Fuel Up the car very well

You must fuel up your car well and also carry cans of flue for any destination to avoid being getting stuck on the way or in the park. Getting stuck on a game track in a jungle is a very frightening experience and also adds to your expenditure as you have to call the park or rental company for back-up gas or towing, so avoid these kind problems before it’s too late.

Follow these among many other tips for a success self-drive in Africa. For more information contact us at info@4x4ugandacarhire.com