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Clouds Lodge Uganda

5 Best Uganda Safari Lodges

5 Best Uganda Safari Lodges

Clouds Lodge Uganda

With over 30 safari lodges, Uganda is well known for its jungles wilderness safari lodges, with lovely and welcoming persons. Most of the lodges are situated in the parks with a few outside the parks but so close.

Gifted with great flora and fauna in the tropical and savanna forested plains, abundant fresh water bodies and think forests and god given climate. The lodges are situated I a calm places in the park, they give that relaxing feeling after the safari and game drives.

With the newly constructed, breathtaking safari lodges have come up in many of our 10 national parks all with amenities you might not expect from their remote locations: Hot showers, flush toilets, and delicious restaurants with different cousins from all over the world. From deluxe tents to private safari lodges tucked into a tangle of rainforest.

Here are 5 best Uganda safari lodges (according to me)

  1. Chobe Safari Lodge

Murchison Falls National Park is the largest national park in Uganda and with no doubt it has got some of the best lodges allover the ten national parks Uganda has. Chobe safari lodge being one of the many parks in Murchison has that great ambiance on arrival that will give you the best safari feeling.

The Five Star lodge was one of the first of its kind to be built in Uganda travel destinations. Situated in a beautiful scenic state under looking the river Nile flowing. As you swim to cool of yourself in the swimming pool the hippos and crocodiles, heard of buffaloes. Elephants will also be doing the same in the river.

Chobe Safari Lodge offers a unique relaxing ambiance with enough ample space. They have got cottages, executive suites, standard rooms that all are built to perfect standard big windows giving in fresh air at all times. Swimming pool from the age of 6 months, gym, and magnificent restaurant with the best chefs to melt your tongue at the end of the day.

  1. Kyaninga Lodge

Luxury, elegance, class and etiquette are in kyaninga lodge. Kyaniga is in kibale forest national park a home to the most primates in Uganda. Alongside Lake Kyaninga a small lake among the many tectonic lakes formed because of the volcanic eruption s that happen very many ages ago.

While in Kyaninga you will not be able to view the primates of kibale forest the chimpanzees but you will be able to see the little enticing creachers along the swamps and fresh waters in the lake.

In a very clear view you will be able to have a small glimpse of the snowcapped mountain Rwenzori and a view to Queen Elizabeth national park. It is just a few minutes’ drive to these two parks.

Exclusive cottages made from hand carved logs, superb dining, and a wealth of adventures wait.

  1. Ishasha Wilderness Camp

Wilderness as it sounds yes; Ishasha wilderness camp is in the wild jungle where the king roars every single morning. Ishasha is the other sector for Queen Elizabeth national park. Commonly known for its tree climbing lions.

In the camp you will wake up to the birds singing for you when good morning beauty as the sun rises up. Breakfast is served as the fresh river waters flow in your ears like music playing to you as you enjoy the rainbow Ugandan foods.

Relax in your bed in luxury tents pitched on river Ntungwe. Water flows down 24/7to Lake Albert and George. Luxury beds with clear ambiance and nice views if the fresh waters, birds, and all that nature have to offer.

If you are looking at refreshing your self after a safari and enjoy nature, Ishasha wilderness camp is the best.

  1. Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge

Deep down in the thick rain forest of Bwindi there in the southern parts of Uganda. Clouds mountain gorilla lodge is one of the best luxury safari lodge in Bwindi. Clod chills in the forest with fresh breath and smell is all you will get. If you are looking to a luxury gorilla safari in Uganda, this is the ultimate destination to visit.

The lodge is situated up on the hill from about 600+ kilometers from Kampala to their. Best of the volcanic lodges. It was built using the left overs of the volcanic eruption the soft rocks. It has got seven built cottages to satisfaction.

The cottages are finished with hand woven rugs, local beds, fresh warm waters and modern toilets and electricity. The lodge offers nice inter-continental foods ands well as local food in case you would love to try it out.

If you’re into exclusive luxury and in love with mountain gorillas clouds mountain gorilla lodge has got you covered.

  1. Apoka Safari lodge

Bordering Sudan in northern parts of Uganda: about 580 kilometers from Kampala. Apoka safari lodge is for Executive and exclusive for just relaxing in the wild with breath taking views. Cottages are faced with a swimming pool, open air space with outdoor stone baths. Warm water, modern toilets and confortable beds as great food.

In Kidepo Valley National Park you will be able to see some of the rarest animals Uganda has to offer. With over 28 animal species not known or seen in any other national park around. Birds, lions and cheaters with all different variety if wildlife.