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Tips for Renting a Car in Uganda

Tips for Renting a Car in Uganda

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Car rental in Uganda is basically Auto agencies that hire an automobile for a short time or for long term rentals like for weeks depending on contractual agreements between the hirer and the hiree. There are many rentals cars in Uganda among which are; 4x4uganda, rental cars Uganda, Safari Drive Uganda, Road trip Uganda, self-drive Uganda, car rental Uganda and Auto Rental Uganda among several other car rental agencies.

These car rental agencies provide the best vehicles and convenient services in Uganda. Some are well experienced to the point of providing the same services in neighboring countries such as Rwanda, Kenya, and Tanzania. These agencies are usually situated near the International Airport of Uganda, Airstrips and around busy centers around downtown in the capital.

The primary people who rush for car hires in Uganda are generally those who don’t own one down here in Uganda and find it cheaper to hire one than ferrying their own to the country. Others may include new visitors in the country, owners of damaged cars, or had breakdowns or owners awaiting insurance licenses.

Besides hiring vehicles, the car rental agencies provide their clients with a variety of services which include insurance service and navigation systems. Vehicles that are normally used in rental car agencies in Uganda include the Rav4 first-generation, Prado land cruiser 90 series, safari custom van, customized jeep, and Nissan patrol.

However, renting a car in Uganda has become a no worry since you are provided with the best tips to consider on arrival to base your decisions wisely;

The Group Size

The first step before browsing through the car options at your disposal is confirming the number of people that will tag along on your trip. This will determine the type of car and number of tents in case of camping.

There are mainly three vehicles popular for self drive hires; Rav4 first generation, Land cruiser Prado 90 series and Land cruiser V8 model 2007. The Land cruiser V8 is the most recommend for family travels because of its comfort and space.

Estimate the luggage Size

A piece of average luggage should not exceed 23 kg, Entebbe international airport recommends visitors to carry luggage in a range of 20-25kg. However this should never be a limitation since the size of the luggage you can carry is highly dependent on how many people that will be boarding the car and whether you are considering carrying camping gear too.

We often recommend the first generation Rav4 to a maximum of 3 people though it would be more comfortable if it only has two people on board.

The distance from the airport to your destination

 There wouldn’t be any reason to hire a car if you are simply in need of an airport transfer. You can hire a an airport taxi for this matter. However the beauty of self drive car hires is, it saves you the money you would have spent on airport transfers by delivering the car to the airport to start yourself drive trip in Uganda.

Besides the airport transfers, you must also look into the mileage for your trip. Anyone considering reducing fuel expenses would obviously opt for a Rav4 or a Land cruiser 90 series instead of a Land cruiser V8. However, if your trip does not exceed 550 Km, you can opt for the Land cruiser V8. Your fuel budget will also influence the type of car you consider for your self-drive hires.

Hire a car similar to the one you drive at home

To minimize difficulties found in driving a car customized differently, choose a model that has less of complexes. Normally self-drive agencies have much easier modal cars to give you courage and confidence on the road. It is also for the same reasons that automatic gear shift is recommended above stick gear shift

Estimate your Car Hire budget

How much do I want to spend on car hire only before calculating the fuel and any other car hire expenses that might arise. Though most of the people will recommend the cheapest offer on the market, we recommend you to go for the average rate after comparing the different service providers. Always remember, cheap things might in the long run turn out the most expense, you are always safer when you hire one at the average rate.

Terms and conditions attached to a rental car in Uganda.

Before you proceed with your booking because of attractive rates, always read the terms and conditions in regard to insurance, refunds, bookings, border crossing, and any fines that might come with your car hire policy in Uganda.

Always stick to one driver

To avoid extra driver charges, it always better you stick to one driver however much some companies do not charge for the extra driver, it always better to first confirm with the car hire company before proceeding with your reservation with them.

Therefore to be on the safe side, it is better you stick to one driver or first confirm the hire policy of any particular company. This should also be the case when hiring a professional driver guide.