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Road Tripping Uganda

Driving Upcountry: Safety Tips to Know

Driving Upcountry: Safety Tips to Know

Road Tripping Uganda ,

Compared to the roads in developed countries, the roads in Uganda are not in very good condition. Most of them are tarmacked roads while some are dirt roads. The roads leading to Uganda’s national parks are dirt roads. When it is a rainy season, these roads become slippery. Because of this therefore, you’re driving skills have to be very perfect so that you can be in position to maneuver  or navigate these roads when it rains. Take note that in Uganda when you are driving you have to drive while keeping left. This is attributed to the fact that under one time, the country was under the British rule and most of the things are still done in the British style. The official language of Uganda still remains English. Attempts have made Kiswahili to be the next language after English though this has not picked up so fast as expected. In many towns including Uganda’s capital, Luganda which is an indigenous language   is widely spoken.

When you have driven to the national parks in Uganda, you have to consider  include; watching for wildlife as you are driving, pace yourself when you are driving, mind your weight, mind about the pressure of your tire,  ensure that the lights are on when it is dark and observe the signs as you drive alongside the highway. These are very essential driving tips for you to ensure for you to have a successful driving journey to any of the Uganda’s national park.

If you are looking to self driving in Uganda most especially national parks, it is important to maintain speeds below 40km/hr. This is due to the nature of the roads. It is also important to keep in mind that this is an animal home and therefore you must respect their habitat.

One of the primary reasons as to why you go and visit the national parks in Uganda is watching the various bird life including flora and fauna. Of course these will readily be found in Uganda’s national parks. When you are these parks, there will be wildlife crossing the roads in the national parks thus you have to be very mindful so that you do not knock them when you are driving. When you knock them, they will cause damage to the car  and this means that you will be stuck in the national parks since there is no readily available garage where you will take your car for repairing  at the very time. Mechanics will be just be looked for who will make your car. It has never been a good thing to collide with any living creature when you are driving thus you have to be very careful when you are driving.

Secondly, you should strategically pace yourself when you are driving. In most cases, you will come across very sharp corners when you are driving. These will necessitate you to be very steady in your mind as you can fail to negotiate the corners. Most of these roads have potholes. You should be very critical as some of the animals in these national parks do change direction and thus because of this  in case you are on a game drive in the park, you can tell the driver to drive a  peaceful pace to avoid inconveniences.

Thirdly, you should mind your weight. Of course this means that you should mind the weight of car. In this regard, you should not over load your car. You should make sure that   you are in the right size vehicle with the right weight or capacity in the car. When you overload your car, you might easily get problems with the car on your safari. This therefore, calls to put in some art so that you do not overload the car. If you are traveling as a group and you have  much luggage, you will be forced to leave some luggage  so that you can fit in the car as a group. This is because; no one will afford to remain behind.

Fourthly, you should ensure that the car has enough pressure to take you through the journey. Of course the car which will be used on your journey is a  4 wheel drive car and when you are in this car, the terrain is advisable. This may necessitate you to reduce on the pressure of the car. To simply the work therefore, you are advised to make sure that you bring a pump so that you can restore the pressure when the pressure is reduced.

Lastly, you should keep on the lights of the car so that you can see the signs posts which are demarcated on the road. In the night, you might see the road as most of these roads are dusty and thus, their visibility may not be very easy.