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Top 10 Uganda Road Trips

Top 10 Uganda Road Trips


Road trips are the next big thing to enjoy in Uganda. For those who find joy in travelling, for the traveler by heart, the wanderer by soul: plenitude of destinations are offered in Uganda that gives you the added zealousness of travelling by road and not only enjoying the final destination but the route as well.

Here are a few of them:

  1. Kampala – Kabale Road Trip Circuit

An unforgettable journey, 380 kms of total amazing locomotion! Rugged terrains, photographic mountains, scenic views and enchanting valleys to conquer on this route. The charm here is that you might come across ranges with high altitude on this road trip, almost touching the skies. Winding routes, chilly nights and not such good road surfaces might make the journey stretch for a full day with stopovers like at the Equator, drum makers as well as cultural center at Igongo. One can hire a jeep or take some public means to enjoy this route. On this trip you can enjoy lots of adventures including gorilla safaris in Bwindi, game viewing in Lake Mburo National Park and a relaxing holiday at the Lake Bunyonyi.

2. Kidepo Road Trip

This is the longest road trip in Uganda! Drive from Kampala to Kidepo, arguably Uganda’s arguably best national park. This is a journey of over 700km. It originates from the capital city and goes through various districts pus numerous attractions. It takes one 2 days to make it to this national park .You can either take the Northern route through Gulu or the Eastern route through the districts of Jinja, Kumi and Kitgum.

Spend a night in Kitgum. En route take a stopover at Mbale for lunch, a true rural experience of the best Ugandan and exotic cuisines. This town offers you the opportunity to dive into culture and heritage spanning back centuries, sight-see the various forts and places like Nyero rock paintings in Kumi.

Peace and serenity prevails en route and various colonial towns to visit. Sprawling factories, fishery ponds and overhead bridges along the way are worth stopping for. The sunrises are mind boggling and worth much more than depriving yourself of your early morning sleep.

3. Kampala-Fort portal

From the hullabaloo of the city to the green lush surroundings this route is full of hilly terrains, passing through lush tea-gardens and scenic landscapes. Apart from the beauty, the challenging turns and twists in this road trip will keep ones reflexes alive.

On reaching the end destination one can relax and take in the beautiful surroundings. A detox from the rushing life, this journey will begin refreshing you from the very beginning because of the breathtaking route you take.

Introducing you to the magical beauty and marvels of the east, this little trip is a must for adventure lovers. With innumerous turns and twists this is a fun and exciting ride. Connecting the central to the Far East and a part of the ancient silk route. What is more exciting than travelling along routes established for centuries?

4. Kampala-Masindi

This one is on almost everyone’s to-do list after knowing what is on the way throughout this route and what lays ahead on its end. It doesn’t need any introduction. With eating joints now on the route, this is a mini party which starts on the route itself and gets you in the mood and ready for the ever blazing Masindi town not mentioning towns like Migyera and Bombo that are always buzzing with revelers. The route is as smooth as butter and the 3hour long trip will feel like a click of the fingers because of the excitement of the sun and the ambience that waits!

Isn’t it exciting to drive through nowhere? Between two cities the endless expanse of white glaring horizon feels just like this. With the beautiful culture offered by the people at either end. From the colourful hustle and bustle of the town to the purity and tranquility of the area, like the two sides of a card, the contrasts of this route make it one worth driving. A 3 hour journey with a few minor up and downs, driving demands full attention here.