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With a lot more to enjoy, Uganda is remarkably that one most interesting destination to explore. A visit to this landlocked country is more adventurous and gets you off the usual environment. While on African safari in Uganda, there are many way that you can get around depending on where you plan to pay a visit to.

Getting around Uganda has never been easier – flexibility exists in use of private or public transport, with the improved transport network and extended communication facilities to even the remotest National Parks.

Traveling in Uganda is a true adventure. There are several ways to get around, and the option you choose will depend upon your time constraints and your budget. Travelling by road is the most accessible and cheapest way to travel, and public transport connects all major locations, and ventures far off the beaten track. For those short of time, domestic flights are available to many of the national parks.

 Tour Operators and Public Transportation

Buses, taxis, VIP vans and several touring trucks operated by individual tour operators are available to help travelers reach their destinations. Motorcycle taxis, known as boda-bodas, can always be used for short distances. Safety can be a concern so its not recommended to travel by boda-boda without a helmet.

Self Drive

Self-drive options are best left for return visitors to the country and more seasoned travelers who are accustomed to driving in a variety of road conditions. You may find you are more comfortable leaving the driving to a driver guide who will also give you an interpretive commentary while you enjoy the scenic view.

Car rental

The best way to get around Uganda is by embarking on a road trip using a car hire. A road trip in Uganda requires a good 4 wheel drive safari car which allows you to navigate through the remote routes to that dream destination. To find one, simply get in touch with our reservationist and we shall get for you that classic safari car that will make you realize your dream. Note, there are many car hire companies in Uganda but most importantly, you need to deal with that one reliable, trust worthy and affordable car rental agency. If you are planning to visit Uganda’s national parks, we have many cars for hire including land cruises, Rav4, Toyota Hiance Van, Super custom, safari vans and others. You can embark on self-drive or guided safari.


If you prefer public means of transportation then you can opt for taxi. There are many taxis in Kampala at old taxi park or new taxi park that can take you up to that dream destination. Usually, their carrying capacity is 14. They serve many routes and stop at points for client pick-ups and drop off. However, you have to be very keen when using taxis as some of them may want to take advantage of you especially for clients who seem to have forgotten where they are going. To avoid this, have some knowledge on the destination you are heading to. However, it is an experiential way of getting around Uganda.

Boda Boda motor cycles

A ride on boda boda while on Uganda safari is another most exciting and experiential way for you to discover most parts of Kampala city for instance. This can be scary to others but remarkably, rewards travel endeavors with lots of memorable experiences. The interesting bit of it is that, it gets you through different parts and can maneuver especially during traffic.

Special hire taxi

Just as you land at Entebbe Airport or get in Kampala or any town in Uganda, you will find most special hire taxis. They can be costly but at the same time, they are a cheaper way to connect to a hotel especially where you share a cost with other persons depending on your bargaining power. Equally, hotels also have special hire taxis and these are trustworthy.


There are many buses operating in different routes in Uganda. While some of them don’t take you to exact point where you plan to do your safari, they are a cheaper means too but the disadvantage with it is that they can delay you if you are on a hurry. They make so many stopovers especially for clients dropping off and not flexible especially if there are key sites you need to pay a visit. Otherwise, once you stop higher chances they may not wait for you unlike car rental where you have your travel plan and key areas to visit are covered.

Air transport

Besides road transport, you can also get to your dream destination by taking a flight. Visitors on Uganda safari can now embark on direct flight from Entebbe International Airport or Kajjansi airfield to say Bwindi National Park, Mgahinga National Park or Kidepo National Park and many others.

Private Charters

Private Aircraft Charters with a reliable operator are the best solution for safe, fast and worry free travel across Africa’s wide open spaces. Avoiding the hazards and discomforts of road travel in these regions on a private charter you can enjoy the journey and spend more time at your destination than getting there.

Aerolink is Uganda’s original bush strip operator, flying to all of Uganda’s airstrips and to many regionally. With our unrivalled experience and diverse aircraft fleet we will find the best solution to your travel needs.


Eagle Air operate the following flights between Kampala and the national parks:

Scheduled Flights

Murchison Falls National Park – Pakuba Airstrip (daily)

Prices in US $:

  • 1 pax: $435 single, $795 return
  • 2 pax: $215 single, $395 return
  • 3 pax or more: $145 single, $265 return

Charter Flights

Daily charter flights are available to the following destinations. Prices will be quoted on request.

  • Queen Elizabeth National Park (Mweya Airstrip)
  • Kidepo Valley National Park (Apoka Airstrip)
  • Murchison Falls National Park (Pakuba Airstrip)
  • Bwindi mIpenetrable National Park (Ishasha Airstrip)
  • Semuliki National Park (Semliki Airstrip)
  • Rwenzori Mountains National Park (Kasese Airstrip)
  • Mgahinga Gorilla National Park (Kisoro Airstrip)


  • Tel: +256 414 344292, +256 414 232185
  • Website: www.flyeagleuganda.com

Additional charter flights can also be arranged with the following organizations:

Air Serv Limited

The Mission Aviation Fellowship

  • Tel: +44 (0) 845 850 9505 (UK)
  • Website: www.maf-uk.org

Boat/water transport

If you have plans to pay a visit to Ssese Islands then a ferry is a must for you. You can take a ferry from Nakiwogo, Bukakata-east of Masaka or from Kasenyi around Entebbe.