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A Safari in Uganda National Parks

A Safari in Uganda National Parks


This is really a life time story I will never forget, in fact those who have not yet traveled the world you’re missing a lot. My parents promised me that this time if I perform well in class they will take me for a safari vacation in Uganda not in zoos as it has been in my holidays. I went on a safari with my parents and I do believe that this is the best vacation I have ever taken in my life time.

For Sure, I have a whole lifetime of vacations ahead of me but I cannot even imagine something comparing to the experiences I had on this Uganda safari. Right at the time of arrival at the Uganda’s Entebbe international airport we were surprised by the hospitable people who received us, when we met our tour guide from the company we booked with it was extremely, they welcomed us and later briefed us about the safari and went ahead to explain more about Uganda and their different cultures as he was heading us to the lodge we booked for our overnight (Acacia lodge).

We started the real safari the following day when our guide picked us from the lodge and head us to the southwestern part of Uganda to one of the most gifted Uganda national parks that’s Queen Elizabeth national park, I was surprised by the beautiful landscape on my way to the park with different tea and banana plantation, people’s homesteads among many interesting things on the way.

On our gorilla trekking tour in Bwindi we saw giant wildlife which I never seen in my life like the elephants grazing in large number, herds of buffaloes, giant forest hog, a large variety of different species of antelopes grazing in their natural habitat and chimpanzee up close in thick forest, meeting my close relatives the chimps face to face is unforgettable the one hour I spent close with I observed their behaviors took very many photos I saw to may friend who have not yet had chance to see then in their natural habitat indeed it was amazing, other species of primates like baboons, black and white colobus monkey the list is endless where also seen.

We also went to Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda. The parks were so nice with a variety of wildlife. I never would have thought that I would get to see African wildlife so up close and personal. In fact it was thrilling and owe- inspiring to see the land and the animals that live there. I am a child and a teenager. Like other kids of my age I thought my summer would be wasted hanging around my parents in a foreign country. I wanted to hang out with my friends. I figured I would make the best of the vacation, but my dad was right. This was simply breathtaking! I had so much to tell my friends when I got back and there were no good words to truly describe the experiences I had in Africa. Certainly it will remain the best safari for ever I have to go back to Uganda safari vacation for more experience; Big up Africa.