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Sport Hunting Suspended in Uganda

Sport Hunting Suspended in Uganda


Sport hunting has been suspended in Uganda, the Pearl of Africa. The Uganda Willdife Authority has temporarily banned with immediate effect all hunting safaris until further notice.

The letter that was sent to hunting operators by UWA mentioned concerns of illegal hunting in the various areas where this activity has been conducted. The wildlife body also established that there is a need for more scientific criteria when setting species quota and equitable benefit sharing from the sport hunting activity.

Hunting operators in Uganda have taken action to address the UWA about this suspension and I will keep you posted as this matter develops.

Hunting safaris has been conducted in several protected areas including: Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve, East Madi and Sesse Islands concessions operated by Lake Albert Safaris; Lake Mburo concession operated by Game Trials; and Matheniko-Bokora, Iriri and Karenga in central and north Karamoja operated by Karamojo Safari.

The Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) is reviewing a number of agreements, including Ajai and Kafu concessions operated by Uganda Wildlife Safaris; Pian-Upe and Amudat in South Karamoja operated by Karimojong Overland Safaris; and the Katonga concession operated by Game Trails.

If you are booked for hunts in the near future in any of these concessions, check in with your operator right away.