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Pygmies To Be Resettled

Pygmies To Be Resettled


Rural Welfare Improvement for Development (Rwide) is to begin resettling pygmies living in the Rwenzori Mountain forests.

According to Vicent Mubiru Rwide’s executive director, will be funded by the European Union.

In a survey about how the pygmies live, it was revealed that 76% of them live in the Forest of Rwenzori Mountain.

Vicent said that a big population of pygmies doesn’t have houses to stay in and they eat raw food added to natural herbs yet they don’t take clothes.
The pygmies are conservative short people who live around the Rwenzoris. Many efforts have been done to modernize them in vain. They claim iron roofed houses are either too hot in hot season and too make a lot of noise when it rains.

They complained that the modern tablets were bitter and that the injections were painful so they continued with their natural herbs.

They conservative nature added to their nature that is being the shortest people in Uganda has acted as a tourism attraction .Many tourist tour the pygmy communities and appreciate their conservative nature in this modern Uganda.