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Rwenzori Hikes

Guidelines to Hiking the Rwenzori Mountains

Guidelines to Hiking the Rwenzori Mountains

Rwenzori Hikes ,

Hiking through Rwenzori mountains using Uganda side implicates great hiking  experiences either through the Kilembe Trail or rwenzori central circuit with great chance to spot various peaks on Rwenzori Mounatins like Stanely peak , Wiseman peak, Baker Peaks and other vegetation cover. The Rwenzori Mountains National park is managed by Uganda Wildlife Authority and it protects the Ugandan part of the Rwenzori Mountains.  There are lots of world-class trails that are stunningly exciting and attractively splendid. But hiking Rwenzori, like all other hiking adventures must be treated with complete knowledge of the trails both to be safe from any hazards and to enjoy the trek.

Just like any other trails in the world, you need to plan your Rwenzori hiking trip. The mountains are usually wet and rain can be expected any time, and more so during the rainy season. If you don’t want to be facing this unwanted scenario then you should check out when is the best season to hike Rwenzori for a regular hike.

Also take into consideration the altitude of your hike. The higher the altitude of the trail, the longer the snow lingers. The lower the altitude, the easier for the snow to melt.

You should plan shorter hikes during the wet season to the lower altitudes and longer hikes during the dry season to the higher altitudes. This would also help condition your body to better adapt to the temperature and the pressure of altitudes.

Determine the items you need in your backpack- Of course, hiking requires backpacking especially during longer tours. In your bag you should find several must-haves such food packages, clothing that are well-adapted to the terrain, first-aid kit, lighting paraphernalia, cooking utensils along with other items that would help you get through a hassle-free Rwenzori hiking tour.

You must also have with you a good pair of hiking boots depending on the terrain’s level of difficulty, a hiking staff, several pairs of hiking socks and other hiking gears.

Budget your time and work- Your best bets are decent estimates of the Rwenzori hiking trails. If you intended to hike for several days straight, it would be better to cover as much distance as possible with the least possible discontentment and the greatest possible enjoyment of the hiking tour. You could only gauge the tentative days and hours you would be consuming in a specific trail so you can have a better vision of how to approach your tour.

Certain factors affect your budgeting of time such as your supplies, the distance you want to cover, rest periods, your own physical condition, the difficulty of terrain, the elevation and your pace of movement.

Going above the timberline- If you have plans to go beyond the timberline then you should plan your Rwenzori hiking adventure more. During the wet season especially around the mid-afternoons, Rwenzori hiking may be a bit unpleasant due to summer thunderstorm.  Even if you are not hiking above the timberline, you still must plan your Rwenzori hiking in a way that you would not get caught with these storms.

However, even with good planning sometimes things still go wrong. In case you find yourself in the middle of a flat terrain and the thunderstorms roll in, you still could save yourself from potential thunderstruck by sitting or crouching underneath rock crops.

These Rwenzori hiking guidelines have impacts on your trip that are immeasurably advantageous. Rwenzori hiking and other hikes you will have are determined by careful preparation.