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By Land
The two main border crossings that most overland travellers use are between Tororo in Uganda and Malaba in Kenya, and Busia in Uganda and Kisumu in Kenya.
Akamba (250412; 28 Dewinton Rd, Kampala), Busscar (233030; 8 Burton St, Kampala), Regional Coach (041-256862; 4 Luwum St, Kampala) and Scandinavian Express (348895; 8 Colville St) bus companies run direct services between Kampala and Nairobi (Kenya) every day. The cost ranges from USh23, 000 to USh50, 000 (depending on the level of luxury), and the trip takes from 12 to 14 hours.

To do the journey in stages, catch a minibus taxi from Kampala to Malaba (USh9000, three hours), via Jinja and close to Tororo. From Malaba, there are plenty of matatus (minibus transport) to Eldoret or Nairobi. There are moneychangers on both sides of the border.
The less frequently used entry point into Kenya is via Busia. Take a minibus taxi from Jinja to Busia (USh6000, two hours). From the Kenyan side of the border, matatus frequently travel to Kisumu.

By Air

Located on the shores of Lake Victoria about 40km south of the capital, Entebbe International Airport (EBB) is the international gateway to Kampala and Uganda. Entebbe International offers direct connections to Nairobi, Kigali, Dar es Salaam, Addis Ababa, Khartoum, Cairo, Johannesburg, Dubai, London, Amsterdam and Brussels.
Airlines based in Kampala (area code 041) flying to/from Uganda:
Air Burundi (airline code 8Y; 256137)
Air Tanzania (airline code TC; 345773; www.airtanzania.com)
British Airways (airline code BA; 257414; www.britishairways.com)
EgyptAir (airline code MS; 233960; www.egyptair.com.eg)
Emirates (airline code EK; 349941; www.emirates.com)
Ethiopian Airlines (airline code ET; 254796; www.flyethiopian.com)
Gulf Air (airline code GF; 230524; www.gulfairco.com)
Kenya Airways (airline code KQ; 344304; www.kenya-airways.com)
KLM (airline code KL; 344304; www.klm.com)
Rwandair Express (airline code WB; 232555; www.rwandair.com)
SN Brussels Airline (airline code SN; 234200; www.brusselsairlines.com)
South African Airways (airline code SA; 345772; www.flysaa.com)
Sudan Airways (airline code SD; 230438; www.sudanair.com

The main crossing point is between Kabale and Kigali (Rwanda) via Katuna (Uganda) and Gatuna (Rwanda). There’s a second crossing between Kisoro (Uganda) and Ruhengeri (Rwanda) via Cyanika in Rwanda.

Those travelling direct between Kampala and Kigali can travel with Jaguar Executive Coaches , Regional Coach (041-256862; 4 Luwum St, Kampala) or Gaso Bus (041-572917; Bus Park) Prices start from USh20, 000, most buses leave between 7am and 9am and the journey takes about nine hours. Gaso departs at 2am and continues to Bujumbura.
From Kabale to Kigali there are lots of minibuses, but the journey involves a change of vehicle at the border. There are minibuses (USh1000) and special hire taxis (USh15, 000, 30 minutes) to Katuna. On the Rwandan side, there are regular minibuses to Kigali (RFr1500, 1½ hours).
From Kisoro to Ruhengeri via Cyanika, regular minibuses link either side of the border with Kisoro (USh1000, 12km) and Ruhengeri (RFr500, 25km).

The route into Tanzania follows the western side of Lake Victoria from Masaka to Bukoba, and it’s possible to travel this distance in less than one day. From Masaka, take a taxi (minibus) to Kyotera (USh3000, one hour), and then a pick-up to the border at Mutukula (USh3000, one hour). From the Tanzanian border, take a pick-up to Bukoba.
There used to be passenger services on Lake Victoria between Port Bell (near Kampala) and Mwanza (Tanzania) via Bukoba (Tanzania), but they were discontinued several years ago. Some travellers have managed to book passage to Mwanza (about USh20, 000, 16 hours) on cargo ferries run by Tanzania Railways (041-233384).