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Lake Bunyonyi

Explore The Beauty Of Lake Bunyonyi

Explore The Beauty Of Lake Bunyonyi

Lake Bunyonyi

Lake Bunyonyi is a favorite destination for many travelers from all over the world as it really is a place of great beauty and boasts some well-presented places to stay from hotels and resorts to camping sites and similar facilities. There are also some great places to eat that serve western food, although local food can be purchased much cheaper within the nearby community which also offers some volunteering opportunities. The main tourist attractions at Lake Bunyonyi certainly focus on the islands within Lake Bunyonyi itself. 

Relax and chill out

Lake Bunyonyi is a perfect place for relaxing and chilling out on an Island or on the shores after gorilla trekking in Bwindi impenetrable and Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda or any other safari just before you head back home. Travelers can also be at Bunyonyi staying there as they go for tracking and return from Bwindi National park.

Get on a boat ride to ‘Punishment Island’ (Akempene)

Lake Bunyonyi boasts in a number of islands but of these the ‘Punishment Island’ stands out the most. Before the 1940s, getting pregnant before marriage was a taboo thing in the local culture of kigezi. Girls who got pregnant before marriage would be canoed to this very small island and would either starve to death or die while trying to swim ashore. The details of whether they would die there or be rescued will be shared on this boat ride with a local guide.

Bird watching

Bunyonyi means ‘little birds’ and Just like its name proposes, the lake is home to over 200 bird species. For bird lovers, this is a great place for a birding tour. You’ll have some great sightings of birds such as the red-chested sunbirds, flycatchers, White-tailed blue Monard, African Harrier Hawk, grey crowned cranes, Herons, egrets, the cardinal woodpecker, the levillant cuckoo, slender-billed baglafetch, weavers, levillant cuckoo, and many more.

Mountain Biking

You can have a ride around the lake on a bike enjoying interactions with the locals, beautiful sceneries of the local villages, hamlets to have a real feel of the African setup through the interactions and the information shared by the guide. Mountain bike rides can be for a whole day or a few hours depending on your schedule.


Despite the depth of this lake (44m – 90m), good swimmers have a chance to take a swim in these freshwaters. There are no crocodiles or hippos lurking in the shore waters and it is bilharzia-free. You can swim freely at any time you wish to without fear of attack from water animals.

Explore the villages and surrounding landscapes

Take a simple hike on one of the surrounding hills where be rewarded with spectacular views of landscapes. Or visit a local school and interact with school children. Or better still have an interaction with the women in a garden in the terraced hills as an opportunity to learn more about the people.

Visit the traditional healer

A 20-minute boat trip will land you a traditional healer in the area known as at Sam Murisa. Spend two hours with him and learn about traditional medicine practices and more about how he has turned his home into a traditional clinic.

Go on a motorized boat cruise to the islands

You may also choose to go for a motorized cruise around the lake. Visit Bwama Island and learn how a British missionary founded a leper hospital in 1921 which has now converted into a school.

Visit the local market at Rutindo

There are exciting interactions and connecting with the locals with the people at a local market that happens every Friday and Monday at the Rutindo landing site.

Ride in a dugout canoe

This is an incredible way to learn more about the lake, its people, and its traditions. You can go on a guided tour or simply rent your own.

Enjoy spectacular sunsets

There are exceptional photographic moments at sunset when the rays reflect in the calm evening waters of the lake. A great way to end yet another amazing activity-filled day on Lake Bunyonyi.


There is no better place to go for relaxation and chill out after your Gorilla tracking tour to Bwindi impenetrable forest and Mgahinga National Park.