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Amazing Self-drive Vacations Through Uganda’s Top Destinations

Amazing Self-drive Vacations Through Uganda’s Top Destinations

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Need to get the best from your adventure in Uganda on a relatively low budget? A Car hire on self drive can be a unique and unforgettable way for you to become acquainted with the adventures, history and memories that the ‘Pearl of Africa’ offers in different popular travel destinations. Yes, ‘Car Hire’! Simply renting a car from some individual or an agency for travel purposes on your trip. Driving your own while exploring different places including National Parks and attractions can be an exhilarating experience as itself is an adventure of its own, however, maximizing the fun of your Renting a Car in Uganda to drive your own, there are a certain things you need to know, do and avoid.

The first thing when planning your self drive vacation in Uganda is getting a car. You are a visitor and probably know nobody in the country and still contemplating on where to get one! Why stress yourself? Just consider a car hire, as you spend more of your time here, you will realize that a Car hire is way better than transportation by public means, probably bus. Make your reservations far in advance is recommended to secure your trip with a better ride and booking in rush/ last minute might reward you with a vehicle that will make you regret your first decision of renting a Car.

There are various car types to choose from accordingly to your needs (Safari Van – 9 passenger Seater) – Credits @Peter (Car Hire Uganda Client)

You can now complete all this online, shop around from different rental companies you find and you can trust online, pick one that matches your requirements, reserve. However, its not a good habit to book the same rental with two different companies as it leads to confusion and losses at the time of delivery to any of the two.

You have now booked your car and date of arrival is here. Don’t forget to carry your normal driver’s license with you (even international driving licenses), and maybe all your insurance information. Just like the car rental companies in your own country, even those in Uganda need proof that you are an eligible and responsible driver. They will also need copies of you passport details and sometimes just a look at your entry visa to confirm you entered the country legally.

Some travelers in Uganda ask about Car models and Makes. Uganda being a third world country, don’t expect to see many new makes and so your rental. Tough it will sound or look a bit old, these car rental agencies always offer vehicles that are in excellent shape mechanical wise. They are well serviced and refurbished and customized to read the standard of operating even in the poorest roads in the country. Remember that almost 95% of the roads in Uganda are not paved and below standard required for smooth operation of newer vehicle makes.

Road Tripping Uganda
Most of the roads in Uganda are not in good state, so you would need a good 4×4 vehicle


Ask for which transmission you are most comfortable with. If you can’t drive a stick shift or manual transmission car, ask for automatic, they are readily available. If you are on a tight budget, you can ask about the and fuel consumption so you can plan for it in town.

Always take the supplemental insurance offered by the car hire company. A car accident is stressful enough at home, with the police, the insurance company, and the other driver. Imagine what a nightmare an accident would be when you are thousands of miles from home and don’t even speak the language. Its better you agree with the Car rental terms and insurance policies provided and abide with them as long as they are fair enough. Most car rental agencies have the same Car rental contracts in Uganda as well as policies. Be careful to avoid instances where you might be liable to pay avaoidable fines such as dangers that may arise out of over speeding and off tracking in National parks such as single accidents like a rollover that may result into fines of over $1000.

Finally, be prepared for surprises. First of all if you have never driven in any other country, and at your home driving is on the right like in the United Sates, driving in Uganda will present some difficulty at first but with more time spent on the road, you will start getting used to driving on the left. Likewise, traffic congestion in Uganda might be a hindrance to beating time to you next destination in most cases when you are to travel through urban centres. The poor nature of roads may also slow you down in your travel some travels.

In a nutshell, a car hire in Uganda can be challenging sometimes but can turn into a fun vacation you will never forget. Do your research, learn the customs, and plan your route and make all other preparations early enough for a drive in the ‘Pearl of Africa’ that will last a lifetime.