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What To Expect On A Wildlife Safari To Queen Elizabeth National Park

What To Expect On A Wildlife Safari To Queen Elizabeth National Park

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The park was formally called Kazinga national park when it was founded in 1952 and later after two years it was renamed Queen Elizabeth National park commemorating the visitation of Queen Elizabeth II to the park.

Queen Elizabeth national park is located in the western part of Uganda occupying about 1978 sq. kilometers. This protected area is one of the popular tourist destinations in Uganda mainly for being home to variety of fauna and flora and numerous bird species.

While on an adventurous safari in Queen Elizabeth national park, visitors participate in a lot of activities and this definitely guarantees a remarkable wildlife experience not found anywhere else in Africa. In the park, visitors can have sight on large numbers of animals such as; Elephants, Uganda Kobs, Lions, waterbucks, chimpanzees in Kyambura gorge, hippos, Leopards, buffaloes, warthogs, hyenas, among others.

There are over 600 bird species which make this park one incredible spot for bird watching in Uganda, harboring some of the rare bird species like martial eagle, African Skimmer, chapins, papyrus canary, among others.

There are a lot for one to expect during a wildlife safari in Uganda especially when it comes to a tour in Queen Elizabeth National park; some of the remarkable events that one can and should not miss out include;

Kazinga channel.

Kazinga channel is 40km Long water way that connects Lake George to Lake Edward. This channel is famous for delightful launch cruise. The launch cruise is so adventurous that gives visitors the best view of the park in general while watching other water animals that are commonly located along the water banks such as; hippopotamus, crocodiles, monitor lizard, elephants among others.

Along this water channel it’s the home of the over 600 bird species that resides along the bank. Making the channel as one of the best sites of birding in Uganda with some of the species like the shoebill stork, papyrus canary among others

Some of the best moments on Kazinga channel is having a meal or wine while on the ride on this water body presents an awesome experience next to the wildlife and aquatic animals that inhabit the river. For a real wildlife adventure in Queen Elizabeth National park don’t miss the experience of the boat cruise at Kazinga channel.

Ishasha sector.

This is located in the southern part of Queen Elizabeth National park, about 120km from the park headquarters. This point is well known for the tree climbing lions which are spotted perching on the fig trees as they hunt for the Uganda Kobs and the buffaloes to feed on.

This sector is also blessed with abundant species of birds and most guest who come for the tree climbing lions always have the chance to encounter a variety of birds, elephants, herds of Buffaloes, Topis and much more.

Crater lakes.

The crater lakes in Queen Elizabeth National park are one of the major attractions that a visitor should expect great adventure from, some of the crater lakes include; Lake Katwe which is famous for its salt mining activities.

Visitors to Lake Katwe always interact with the salt miners who have taken the activity as a source of livelihood for both men and women with at least each individual having his or her own mining area.

Some kilometers away from Lake Katwe is where Lake Munyanyage is located, one of the crater lakes known as home to the abundant numbers of Flamingos and other bird species.

Game Drives.
queen elizabeth national park game driveQueen Elizabeth National park offers one of the best Game drive experience while driving through the wild and having a close encounter with the fauna and flora. The park has two sessions for game drives meaning you either choose the early morning or the evening session.

The experience is always a great one especially when driving through the evergreen savannah grasslands, visitors are rewarded with views of animals like buffalos, elephants, Uganda kobs, warthogs, bushbucks, impalas, lions, leopards, Topis and Sitatungas.

While experiencing the game drive, it is always recommended to be with a ranger guide, to help you spot out some of the wildest and elusive species in the park.

Mweya peninsular.

This peninsular has one of the best accommodation facility, Mweya Safari Lodge and is the best location for sightseeing. It gives a clear view of the entire national park and the famous Kazinga channel. This peninsular is also an awesome point where to get very important information about the park as well as the history, geographical map and the attractions that inhabit this place.

Mweya information center provides all the information that a visitor may inquire about the entire national park or about the peninsular. This is where guest always have fun and relax either before or after embarking on an activity. 

Kyambura Gorge.

Kyambura Gorge is a famous underground forest that shelters the endangered chimpanzees besides Kibale national park. The chimps are human-like creatures with most of its behaviors related to human behaviors. This site is popular for most tourists visiting Queen Elizabeth national park. It is the best destination that offers an experience of chimpanzee tracking with a total of up to 24 chimpanzees that stay underneath this underground forest.

Apart form gorilla trekking adventure, tracking the chimpanzees is the second thought after activity to do in the pearl of Africa. Tracking chimpanzee requires advance booking of permits and all the visitors to this site are briefed about the tracking experience before starting the 16 kilometer long trek.

The equator.

masaka road equtorThe equator is a line where the northern meets the southern hemisphere which is a great location for photography, i.e. taking photos when the other leg is in the northern and the other in the southern hemisphere.

The spot also has some craft shops where visitors can buy souvenirs and it is as well a point to refresh and rewind after a long drive.