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Renting a Car and Driving in Uganda

Renting a Car and Driving in Uganda

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Renting a car and driving in Uganda is, without doubt, the most exciting experience of its own and to some travelers, it is a dream come true. Rental cars play an important part in visitor exploration in Uganda whether it is on a self-drive or driver-guided tour. The amazing bit about renting a car and driving in Uganda is that visitors are guaranteed ultimate comfort, privacy, and safety.

It is possible to rent a car in Uganda for short or long-term travels- one week, a month, or more. How long you plan to be at your destination or your project determines how many days you require to use a rental car. Depending on the nature of your Uganda road trip, 4×4 rental cars stand out among the car hire options today due to their effectiveness in tackling tough terrains.

You can hire a 4×4 rental car in Uganda for self-drive, business trips, safaris in the National Parks, projects, etc. There are many car hire companies that rent cars in Uganda at affordable rates. Our fleet of rental cars includes among others 4×4 Prado Land Cruiser, Safari Land Cruisers, 4×4 Toyota Rav4, Super Custom rental, Safari/Tourist Van rentals, Nissan Patrol, etc.

Tips for renting a car in Uganda- The Pearl of Africa

Group size

When renting a car in Uganda, first, you need to know how big is your group. Are you traveling as a group, family, or an individual/solo? For large group safari travelers, you will require a slightly bigger rental car for instance a 4×4 safari Land Cruiser with a capacity of 6-7pax, bigger groups of 28-30pax require you to hire a Coaster bus.

For travelers on solo/self-drive tours, a 4×4 Toyota Rav4 is preferable the best car to take you around. In case your visit is mainly for camping, then rent a car with a rooftop tent. Land Cruiser V8 rentals are also ideal for family trips.

Luggage size

Packing for Uganda safari often comes with its own challenges. Some visitors are left with no knowledge of what to carry and at the end of it all, they feel they can bring the whole closet back home. No need to carry heavy luggage, select only essential pieces, and interestingly, all our rental cars in Uganda have luxurious cargo or luggage room that accommodates every bit of your luggage.

Rent a car that you are familiar with

Not to have issues on a road trip, endeavor to look for a rental car in Uganda with related features like the one you drive back home. This won’t give you hard time driving it in any part of Uganda. We have a range of comfortable self-drive rental cars for you to navigate around Uganda safely and they include Toyota Rav4, Safari Vans, Super Customs, etc.

Know your budget

Every rental car has a price tag. Before hiring a car in Uganda, at the back of your mind you know how much you would like to spend. When renting a car, you should be prepared with hiring costs and other expenses which are likely to occur while you are on a road trip.

Terms and conditions

All tour operators or car hire companies have stipulated terms and conditions. These are guiding principles that every traveler planning to rent a car in Uganda should read thoroughly and understand.

Know your destination

How far is the airport from your destination? For long road trips like gorilla trekking safaris in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Mgahinga National Park or chimpanzee tracking trips in Kibale, or wildlife safaris in Kidepo Valley National Park, a rental car should be a must to hire.

Read and obey the road driving rules

Uganda like other destinations has road/traffic rules for travelers to follow. Failure to follow some of these rules and regulations may land you in penalties or cost you in terms of road accidents. There are several road signs along the routes to your destinations and you must observe them at all times to avoid any issues that may ruin your exploration in Uganda- The Pearl of Africa. You can as well inquire more from your car hire company or let the reservation explain to you the road signs if you don’t understand them in case you are on a self-drive.