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Uganda Wildlife Authority Calls Upon Private Ranchers

Uganda Wildlife Authority Calls Upon Private Ranchers


The Uganda Wildlife authority has called upon the private sector along with those individuals interested to invest in Wild life ranches.

According to Lilian Nsubuga Uganda Wildlife Authority’s publicis, the move will raise animal population bridge a gap between wildlife and the surrounding communities.
In a speach she said that majority of Ugandan regard Wildlife to be useless in society a point that may cause them to even kill them. She therefore urged that there is need to sensitize the locals about the use of Wildlife and also teach them on how they can earn revenue from it.

She added that Uganda wildlife authority is providing those people who have taken up the idea with the necessary help . She gave Sango bay in Rakai as an example of a wildlife reserve that has already been initiated by the local government and Buganda government initiatives.

This area is famous for many primates, sitatungas, bushbuck, waterbucks, buffaloes, and many other game species.