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Commonly known as the Entebbe Zoo, this center is in fact a place of wildlife observation and education, a very good introduction to the visit of national parks. Most of the animals have been recovered in nature, abducted from traffickers or from other zoos.

With exception, animals have plenty of space to best rebuild their natural habitat. By taking the forest trails, one can, between the many species, meet a colony of chimpanzees, very comfortable on their artificial island, a couple of white rhinoceros, two cheetahs, one from the reserve of Pian Upe, the Crocodiles of the Kidepo, hyenas or the Nile nipple rare.

Whether you have days or just hours in Entebbe and you are wondering how to spend your precious  time? Visit the Wildlife Education Centre-(Entebbe Zoo). During your guided tour, you can either hear a lion’s roar, see chimps in a semi natural environment, enjoy a one kilometer forest walk or just some memorable encounters with the animal ambassadors. During your visit you will develop an important understanding of their role in protecting and conserving our planet’s natural resources.

Have you ever imagined meeting your closest cousin without a barrier in between subject to provision of valid health proof, participate in the chimpanzee integration experience. In company of a keeper, you will take the individuals on a walk at island moat.

Observe them enjoy life on trees, learn, adapt living with other chimps in a forest-like environment. The purpose is to help new rescued chimpanzees slowly build confidence and trust of other chimps who in turn become their long term allies. Integration is a long and continuous which is undertaken on schedule, by the keepers.  You will take on for one hour in a controlled environment.

Listen to the chimp caregiver talk about how they came to their history, how they came to the centre, behavior and challenges. Be ready to be groomed by the infants and return a favor through carrying or grooming them.

Chimps enjoy rough trickles and can be rough. Your guide will help interpret the different sounds, gestures and advise on how to behavior whilst with your cousins. Imagine a chimp hold their cup of porridge, peeling a banana or asking for more food! Find out all these and much more through participating in this unique once in a life-time experience!

Behind The scene

The two-hour educative adventure that offers special inside look tours and interesting information about how the residents (animals and birds) are taken care of. You will have a close up and personal encounter with the lions, elephants plus many more wonders you have perhaps never imagined meeting

Come along with your family and spend up to three hours with your own personal tour guide on an exclusive journey to Africa’s animals and their habitats

The kids enjoy the bikes, donkeys and camel rides as well as a meal in the restaurant overlooking Lake Victoria, the largest fresh water lake in Africa, in a safe and clean environment.

Experience a one kilometer natural pristine forest with free ranging birds, mammals, butterflies and chameleons among others in an exclusive and safe environment. Learn about plants and their medicinal values in our garden, with over 100 plants that grace the grounds and create a peaceful landscape for both the visitors and our resident-animals.