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Planning for a safari in an unfamiliar destination comes with very many questions in mind of how it will be. Among the issues to consider is the money for use in that country.Uganda is cash based society where the US dollar reigns as the currency of choice, where the use of credit cards is limited, because Traveller Cheques are not accepted everywhere and it is a tag of war to get them exchanged into Cash.

Credit Cards are used but normally there is a 5% fee when you use a credit card. ATM machines are found in major towns, have a Visa ATM Card – Master Card can be used at limited banks, forget American Express Cards with ATM machines.

Uganda is a sovereign state, and therefore has its own currency, the Uganda shilling. It is legal tender and can be used for any transaction within Uganda. You can get groceries from the store or supermarket, buy meals at restaurants and hotels, purchase things from the markets, pay your hotel bill and so much more, using Uganda shillings.

The Uganda shilling is the official currency in Uganda, but there are other currencies that can be used every once in a while like Kenya shilling, Euros, and the dollar.

There is an alternative unofficial currency in Uganda and that is the US dollar which can be used to pay for accommodation in hotels and lodges even in the National parks. Most safari companies accept payment in dollars for their services, permits such as gorilla permits for gorilla trekking can also be paid for in dollars.

You can of course exchange your dollars for Uganda shillings when you arrive in Uganda, but you will lose out on the exchange rate. There are different forex Bureaus around the airport and in Kampala with different exchange rates. You can also use the banks in Uganda whether its UK Pounds, Euros, US dollars, Kenya Shillings and other currencies.

Most Ugandan tourism products are paid for in dollars or charged in dollars. So lodging, permits, park entrance fees, all these can be paid for in dollars.

Travel with US Dollars, preferably 2006, or newer bills with no tears. That is the most convenient currency for you.

On your safari to Uganda, the convenient currency to carry is the US Dollar which you can exchange that for Uganda shillings upon arrival for use for your transactions while in Uganda.