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It depends on your personal spending habits of course but I think if you bring a budget of $20 per day you will have some left over. If you run short there are always ATM for top ups.

How much money to bring on your trip depends on your activities , and your rate of expenditure.

There is a possibility for you to come across something interesting and you doing want to let it go.

I know you will need to carry with you a camera or a good phone photo shooter. In case of any default , what will you do to replace it , with your little money?

In other cases , you may decide to have an extra activity like CULTURAL DANCERS Which is very pleasant and entertaining. What will you do in this case?

Alternatively ; you may decide to go for a very wonderful Nocturnal walk to see BUSH BABIES (GALAGOS) Which in most cases is a rare activity on TO’s itineraries.

What will you do?

So, pliz , to be sincere , at least carry with you 1000 $. The balance will be carried back home.

Enjoy your trip

How to Pay for Safari

Any of the above mentioned cards can work in Uganda.

Make sure you have money with you , because most Uganda’s beautiful Lodges and campsite are in more remote areas where by access to the Bank is many Kilometers.