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The breathtaking Kyambura gorge- also known as the “Valley of Apes” is situated in the far Eastern side of the renowned Queen Elizabeth National Park (the second largest National Park in Uganda, located in Western Uganda). This mysterious gorge is about 1 kilometers across-being its widest/broadest point and almost 100 meters deep and is drained by the stunning River Kyambura. The Landscape of this area is one of the most amazing that you will encounter in Uganda, and boasts of a rich wildlife biodiversity that include several primate species, as well as some bird species. The Kyambura gorge is a region/area/section of the mind-blowing Queen Elizabeth National Park in the lower western side of Uganda. When you enter this gorge that is another world on its own, you will be surprised by its rich and luxuriant Tropical rainforest near the Equator crossing.  Whereas the Savannah has enough light and sunshine that provides brightness, the tree canopies within this underground forest made up of luxuriant sections of Plant life shut out from most of the sunrays, and unless you are within a clearing, you do not need sunglasses or hats because you certainly need to perfect view of the natural wonders found within the Kyambura gorge.

Wildlife species within the Kyambura Gorge

This fascinating gorge is a home to different mammal species that include Giant Forest hogs, primates such as Chimpanzee, Vervet monkeys, Red-tailed monkeys, Black and white Colobus monkeys and Olive Baboons among others.

Besides the wildlife species, there are several avian species found within the Kyambura Gorge and they include the Blue-headed Bee-eaters, African Fin foot and Pink-backed Pelicans among others.

Riveting Tourist Activities Conducted Within the Kyambura Gorge

Chimpanzee tracking

Chimpanzee tracking in undeniably the main activity conducted within the Kyambura gorge and this section with Maramagambo forest are certainly the only areas within Queen Elizabeth National Park where you get to see habituated Chimpanzee groups. It is estimated that 25 chimpanzees and especially one habituated Chimpanzee group trapped within the Kyambura gorge call it home. A chimpanzee tracking permit for the Kyambura gorge costs $50 per person and can be acquired/booked from UWA Head offices in Kampala or from the Mweya Visitor Center.

Guided Nature walks and forest walks

The Kyambura Gorge can be explored on foot during the nature walks or forest walks and is done in company of experienced tour guides who will unveil the true beauty of the Gorge as well as its interesting flora and fauna encountered during the nature walks.

Bird watching

With the existence of several bird species within Kyambura Gorge such as Falcons, Verreaux’s Eagle Owl, White-winged Warbler, Martial Eagle, Shoebill, Lesser Flamingos, Chapin’s Flycatcher, Bar-tailed Godwit, Papyrus Canary, Blue-headed bee-eaters, White-tailed Lark, African Broadbill, Greater Flamingos, Corncrake, African Skimmer, Papyrus Gonolek, African finfoot, Pink-backed Pelicans and Black-rumped Buttonquail among others, this site is one of the most important bird viewing spots within Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Where to Stay while at Kyambura Gorge

Nestled within the magnificent Queen Elizabeth National Park are numerous accommodation facilities where tourists can choose from and they include Kyambura Gorge Safari Lodge, Jacana Safari Lodge, Katara lodge and Kingfisher Camp among others.

How to reach the Kyambura Gorge

This Site is situated in Western Uganda can be accessed though air and road transport. The incredible destination is found about 6 hours drive from Kampala and two routes can be used to access this Park with the forest one being Kampala-Masaka-Mbarara-Bushenyi-Kasese to Queen Elizabeth National Park then finally to the Kyambura Gorge and this route is about 420 kilometers from Kampala

The second route is Kampala-Mubende-Fortportal-Kasese then to Queen Elizabeth National Park and the route is about 410 kilometers from Kampala City. When using Air transport to reach this spectacular gorge, flights can be organized from Entebbe International Airport or Kajjansi Airstrip (in Kampala) to Mweya Airstrip and the flight usually takes 60 minutes.