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While you are on Uganda safari, reptiles are a few amazing creatures that you shouldn’t miss to catch a glimpse. Uganda is endowed with variety of reptile species most of which can be spotted in varied habitats including national parks and wildlife reserves. Their large numbers is as a result of its favorable climatic conditions. They include among others;

The Nile crocodiles

These are exceptionally a few most fascinating reptiles Uganda boasts about. They water dwellers and feed on fish as well as some mammal species. If you are on safari in Uganda especially on a boat cruise, you will have a chance to catch a glimpse at these incredible creatures mostly around through the Nile at Murchison falls national park, Kazinga channel shores at Queen Elizabeth National Park and Lake Mburo.

Monitor lizards

In Uganda, you can spot out the savanna monitors and also the aquatic ones while on a game drive or launch cruise. The aquatic monitor lizards mostly thrive around Kazinga channel and Murchison Falls is ideal for savanna and water monitor lizards on the Nile. The savanna monitor lizards stretch up to 2 meters.


Uganda has varied types of snakes and they include the rock python which is popular as the largest snake in Africa. It is 5 meters long and comes with gold on black mottled like skin. These reptile species are not venomous but kill their prey by strangulation wrapping their bodies around them then swallow it and later take a nap which takes about months. Usually, they depend on huge rodents, small antelopes and others. They can be spotted around the bat cave in Maramagambo forest in Queen Elizabeth National Park. Puff adder-this is the most spotted especially in the savanna national parks of Uganda. They depend mainly on rodents and they do strike especially when they are threatened. Gabon viper-the largest African viper with about 2 meters long and features a heavy build, black and brown skin pattern with a bit of gold on it. This is mostly spotted in the Uganda’s rainforests. Black mambas-these are the most poisonous snakes and they strike when they are attacked. They are mostly found around eastern Uganda. Others include the green mambas, boom slang, green tree snakes, mole snake, egg eating snakes a mention but a few.


There are varied chameleons to spot out in Uganda. They can be spotted while on a walk in the foothills of Rwenzori Mountain ranges especially the three horned chameleons. They include flap necked chameleon which can be sighted at savanna grassland and wooded areas. Graceful chameleon- comes in a yellow and green color, white stripe. Giant chameleon is bulky and dark green in color with yellow stripes.

Other reptiles to spot out while on Uganda safari include house gecko, tortoise, terrapins a mention but a few.

In summary, a visit to Uganda isn’t only for you to catch a glimpse at the big game but also for you to encounter several reptile species.