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If it is camping what you have always wanted to do or backpacking in Uganda or If so, did you know that in order for you to have an ultimate camping experience you must have specific gear.  Well, while majority are heading for the usual experiences, new experiences are usually for a few gifted travelers and that is why camping is that unique experience you need not to miss to be part while on tour or visit in Uganda. With camping, you get opportunity to come close with nature as it is and if you are planning for a family tour, holiday and vocation   it is such a rare experience not to be missed in Uganda. To help you realize your dreams in the pearl of Africa, we provide self-drive car hire plus exceptional imported camping equipment that suit with all our visitors’ budget and travel interests in the destination. They include among others.

Waterproof tents

Depending on what your camping interests are in the destination, we have wide range of camping tents that cover all travelers’ interests. Before embarking on your actual camping tour, it is important that you know which tent is ideal for this kind of experience. Imagine you are enjoying your sleep and your tent begins linking because of the heavy down pour. You can avoid this kind of experience by simply hiring our wide range of waterproof camping tents that include among others family tents, festival tents, mountaineering tents, weekend tents, beach shelters, backpacking tents, pop up tents a mention but a few. With waterproof tents, you will certainly have the most exciting and comfortable camping experience without any doubts of getting wet.

Camper chair

At Car Hire in Uganda Usually, everyone needs to have that exciting fun with their dear ones while in outdoors and it require that comfortable chair for you to sit and relax. Camper chairs are perfect for you to relax around the campfire with family members, friends, enjoy lunch and do many other fun things. To have a memorable camping experience, you will need the best chair and bear in mind that, not all chairs are made the same. Normally, camping chairs made in such way that they serve distinct needs while also ensuring comfort among clients. However, what is the best for you may not be the best for the other visitor which means what is best is dependent on individual travel interests. The notable ones include the Coleman oversized quad chair with built in cooler, helinox chair ideal for backpackers, helinox swivel chair, renetto original canopy chair and alps mountaineering king Kong.

Sleeping bags

With camping, visitors get a rare opportunity to interact with nature. However, this does not mean that you won’t have sleep. You will need a comfortable sleeping gear that will make you appreciate what the night skies and fresh air holds for you in the wilderness. Therefore, choose a sleeping bag with a unique style and temperature rating that suits within your destination. The notable ones include the car camping bags and the backpacking bags.

Camping storing box

At car hire in Uganda If you are planning to go for camping, storage box or unit should be a must. Even if it is outdoors, storage is very vital and you require room and accessories to keep not only your food but also important items that are of help while you are in your camping safari. The key camping storage units that you may opt for include Coleman free standing organizer, the transport collapsible campsite Cary all, aluminum 2 shelf camping cupboard, mountain smith modular hauler 2 system travel storage, bear vault BV450 Solo food container, Rubbermaid action packer, the 3 flat collapsible bowls plus snap on lids, collapsible trash receptacle, liberty nalegene jars and many more.

Camping lamps

If you will need a lamp for light while on your camp the fact that light sources are fewer and at times can be very far. Among the many lanterns include the Coleman battery lock twist lantern, black diamond Apollo lantern, hero beam led lantern, lighting ever led lantern, led camping lantern and others.


A torch is equally vital for this experience and especially when power cuts off or when you are looking for something at night. For this purpose, you will need the LED torches the fact that they have best brightness and efficient.

Gas cookers/stoves

When it comes to camping normally you have to travel with your food that you will prepare and this calls for a gas cooker or stove. The best ones are the Go system dynasty compact 11 stove, Campingaz Xcelerate 400st double burner stove and toaster, Campingaz party grill stove, out well appetizer 2 burner stove, out well windshield stove shield and others.

Electric cooler box

For picnic and camping tours, usually a warm summer day is ideal. However, it is not easy for you to keep your food cold during this period and that is why you need an electric cooler box to help you in the course of long car safaris.


For a complete camp kitchen set up, our variety of kitchenware and cookware items include billy cans, jaffle irons, kettles, pots, fry pans and many more.

Camping tables

A lightweight camping table is perfect for you to relax outdoors and if you are planning to embark on camping tour, it should be a must among the essential items. The notable ones include Alps mountaineering dining table, compact outdoor table and others. Other notable camping gear that shouldn’t miss out includes folding foam mattress, cup, cutlery, jerry can and many more.

Do you want to test life outside the city? Just you and nature all day and all night, we have got you covered with our camping safari packages. We offer camping gear for those that enjoy testing life in its natural state. Be the first to hear the birds sing in the trees, see the sun rays as they penetrate through the clouds feeling the sky with a bright African morning. Be the first to hear the rain drops on your canvas tent and be the first to taste the sweet-smelling flowers of the morning.

Get in touch with  Car Hire in Uganda Services today and we shall organize your camping adventure in Uganda availing you an ideal safari car plus booking all the required gear including camper tents, sleeping bags , blankets, mattresses, lantern lamps, cooking equipment like frying pans, spoons, forks, cups, plastic plates to mention but a few to ensure you enjoy every bit of the wild on your own.

Planning to camp in a park with your loved one, friends or family, let us help you book space in the park, rental car and get all the camping equipment you require. Just get in touch with us through our marketing manager for all the services needed while you touring our national game parks in the country

In conclusion, camping is one way in which visitors can directly interact with nature. To have the most enjoyable and memorable camping experience, the above listed items are very essential to add in your Uganda car rental and you will not regret.