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The Queen Elizabeth National Park offers yet another mind-boggling and adventurous activity for tourists to allow them explore the wilderness and wildlife species of Queen Elizabeth national Park in a new and exceptional way. This interesting thing about this adventure is that it is also conducted from Murchison Falls National Park. While on this riveting activity, you get to wake up early to watch the sunrise as you fly high and above the sky of the Queen Elizabeth National Park and also Murchison Falls National Park with spectacular views of interesting features like the Crater Lakes, Fresh water lakes such as Edward and George, the magnificent Kazinga Channel, the Great Rift Valley, the Rwenzori Mountains and several wildlife species such as Antelopes (Topis, Uganda Kobs, Waterbucks, elands and bushbucks), Herds of buffaloes, elephants, lions and to mention but a few.

The hot air balloon takes approximately one hour and flies up to 10,000 feet above sea level but may not offer clear sighting of the attractions, and to provide good sighting, the balloon is recommended to fly up to a maximum of 1000 feet above sea level and what you will be able to see will your mind. I know some faint hearted tourists will start shivering at the mention of this activity, but just know that it is for the adventurous tourists. This should not be your worry because the Pilots and the crew for the safari are licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) of Uganda under the stringent regulation/guidelines of ICAO to operate the Hot air balloons.

Cost of the Hot Balloon Experience

This unforgettable experience costs only $380 per person for adults and just 50% of this cost is charged for Children up to 12 years of age. This rate/price is inclusive of the hot air balloon flight, refreshments prior and after the adventure and a balloon certificate to confirm you are one of the lucky few.

Here are some quick facts about the hot balloon safari experience

This fascinating adventure is conducted all year round within the two National Parks unless when the weather make the activity impossible. Weather conditions dictate on the balloon safari in that if the weather is bad, it will not be conducted hence the activity can be rescheduled for another day (based on the availability) or a refund of the permit will be issued

The minimum age of the participant is 6 years and has to be in the company of an adult. With the introduction of this awe-inspiring activity in Uganda’s top National Parks-Queen Elizabeth National Park and Murchison Falls National Park, tourists can be able to experience the Natural wilderness and explore the landscapes and wildlife species in another way. In Murchison Falls offers incredible views of attractions such as the great East African Rift Valley, the strong Murchison Falls and the spectacular landscape of the Park.

In conclusion, instead of experiencing the same activities when you visit Queen Elizabeth National Park, you can go off the beaten track path to participate in the Invigorating Hot balloon Safaris and the experience you will achieve will keep lasting memories.