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Uganda boasts the third highest peak in Africa, four extinct volcanoes and one of the largest intact calderas in the world – not bad for such a compact country! Those who wish to stand on one of these awesome peaks are spoilt for choice. Inexperienced climbers or those short of time can choose one of the three conical Virunga Volcanoes in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. Any of the three can be summited in a day, and offer astounding views of Uganda, Rwanda and the DR Congo.

Mount Elgon, on the Kenyan border, also requires no technical expertise, but the route to the top takes 4-7 days, passing though wonderful forest scenery, natural pools and past ancient caves.

The true challenge is the Rwenzoris: Africa’s highest mountain chain. Inexperienced climbers will enjoy the enchanting forest scenery of the lower slopes – but only skilled mountaineers should attempt the nine-day trek to the snow-covered equatorial peaks.

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