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Murchison Nile
It’s an energetic river that powers the mighty placid stream that flows peacefully across the rift valley floor to seep through a papyrus delta into Lake Albert. Murchison Falls. However, the final plunge over the falls drains the river’s energy, transforming it into a broad and main attraction is sport fishing. It is home to some gargantuan Nile Perch that tip the scales to over 100kg. Regular competitions held here attract anglers from all over the world. The thrill of the sport no doubt is from the satisfaction of a worthy specimen but even the heightened anticipation and suspense do lend to it.

River Nile
It is the longest river in the world. It journeys 6,650km before reaching Egypt and the Mediterranean where it empties. It is a lifeline for agriculture and consequently human survival in Egypt. The Nile has two sources; the White Nile and Blue Nile which flow from Lake Victoria near Jinja and from Tana in Ethiopia.
The Victoria Nile is the stretch of the Nile that flows through southern Uganda. It continues northward to swampy Lake Kyoga, turns west over Murchison Falls- Murchison Nile, and empties into Lake Albert, and the Albert Nile then proceeds to Sudan on it’s long journey. At the source, the white Nile, besides the sights several exhilarating water sports are undertaken such as kayaking besides others.

R. Semiliki
It’s very spectacular. It meanders like a silver snake. It is fairly long and empties into Lake Albert. After leaving Lake Edward, the river journeys through dense forest and tumbles down a series of rapids, then open savannah grasslands and meandering even more, as it approaches and reaches Lake Albert.