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Do you desire to be on both sides of the world? Then come to Uganda. One of the magical attractions you will find in Uganda is the Equator that runs through some of the districts of the country. Most tourists taking gorilla treks to Bwindi as well as those who visit Western Uganda do not miss taking experiments at the Ugandan Equator. Standing at this magical feature is one thing you should never miss to experience on your way to or from the national Parks in Western Uganda especially Lake Mburo National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Mgahinga National Park and Rwenzori Mountains National Park. Imagine yourself standing in two halves of the world, this magical feeling can never be forgotten.

The Equator is an Imaginary line that separates the earth into the northern and Southern Hemisphere. Along the Equator, a magnetic needle found on a compass has no dip but rather has to remain/stabilize in an exact Horizontal location. This land mark in Uganda is situated at about 72 kilometers along the Kampala-Masaka road, particularly in Kayabwe, Mpigi district. When you reach this spot, you will find a line drawn in the middle of the road and a monument stands on both sides of the road indicating “Uganda Equator” so that anyone can have the amazing feeling of standing on both sides of the Earth.

There are several scientific illustrations that will prove that this Landmark is actually the Equator. One of the prominent illustrations is the swirling of the water when placed at the different spheres (Northern or Southern Poles) of the Equator. If water is poured exactly on the Equator, it will drain straight down. This movement and drainage of the water changes when poured on the Northern and Southern Hemispheres of the Equator line. In the illustration of Carioles effect, it was proven that something in motion veers to the right or left direction if travelling on a rotating body like the Earth. In some cases, weather cyclonical systems do this, leading a clockwise rotation in the Northern Hemisphere and counter clockwise/anti-clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere. In real sense, you will need a lot of water, actually even much more than the one used for illustration at the Equator. For the case of the Equator, when water is poured on the Northern Hemisphere, it moves and drains down the hole in a clockwise direction and drains down the hole in an anticlockwise direction when poured from the Southern Hemisphere.

Do you know that one can actually be lighter (at least 3 percent lighter) while on the Equator line? If you don’t agree, then you have to experience it to believe. Your weight is less by 0.5 % while on this line hence gravitational force/pull is less by 0.5% on the Equator. Nevertheless, your weigh returns to the original once you leave the Equator. It is even interesting to know that the sun rises and falls drastically at the equator and there are equal number of hours during night and day time. This is so interesting because you will find that other areas have shorter day and longer nights or vice versa. Climatic conditions and general temperature within the Equator is laterally constant all year round making it a perfect place to be.

There are several souvenir shops and restaurants near the equator, you will literally fail to buy anything because you will feel you want everything or you might end up spending all your money because the place is full of beautiful things. Some of the common things you will find include T-shirts labeled with “I have crossed the Uganda Equator”, handmade products. You will need to buy some souvenirs for your family members on your way back to keep the good memories of Uganda alive. At the Aid Child Gallery and Tribal Art and Crafts, you will find so many interesting things that will capture your attention. You can also enjoy delicious coffee and mouth-watering meals from some of the exquisite restaurants.

In conclusion, the equator is one of the amazing landmarks in Uganda that allows tourists to experience what it means to stand within two sides of the World-the Northern and Southern Hemisphere.

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