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Situated on the equator, Uganda enjoys a pleasant and warm climate throughout the year, with plenty of sunshine! Conditions can vary however, owing to the high altitude of some regions. For example, the Rwenzori Mountain range – at an altitude of 3,000 metres, can expect rain throughout the year and evenings can be chilly. The hottest months are between December and February, with an average daily temperature in Western Uganda of 29 °C.

Western Uganda receives approximately 1,500 mm of rainfall a year and there are two distinct rainy seasons: April – June and October – December. Rain can fall anytime throughout the year as a result of three factors – high altitude, the influence of Lake Victoria, and the moist south-westerly winds that brings rains from the Congo. It does mean that the surrounding countryside is beautifully green and lush.

The best time to visit Western Uganda is thought to be between December – February or June – September (the dry season), when many animals stay close to the water.